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Seem to be in a rut?  Or maybe you’re attracting more of the “same old same old” into your life?  You might want to raise your vibration.  Your personal energy vibration is important because everything is energy and everything is vibrating at different frequencies.  As we take a look at the Hawkins “Scale of Consciousness” below, we can see that certain emotions like anger are more dense and lower on the scale.   Emotions with higher vibrations such as love (over 500) and joy are higher and lighter.  A lower vibe is associated with negative emotions, health challenges and depression and the energy feels slower and dense.  In contrast, everything is faster and easier at a higher vibration – you are more “connected to the Universe.”

You will LOOK AND FEEL YOUNGER when you allow yourself to let go of the lower vibration emotions and step into joy.


Here’s a list of some tips and great products I’ve found to help raise your vibe in the new year:



There’s a saying that goes “if you want to know what is inside your mind, take a look at your life.”  Generally, our lives are a reflection of our thoughts.  When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.  If you are focusing on anger and resentment, you will find more of that manifesting in your life.  Focus on love and gratitude to keep that vibe high.  Take time to breathe and sit and meditate these positive intentions and thoughts.


This is a not the first time you’ve heard someone say drink lots of water and eat healthy foods.   Toxins,  processed foods and sugar and alcohol can cause your vibration to drop.  Fill your body with Ding Dongs every day and eventually you will become one.  Not to say you can’t EVER have a sugary treat – moderation is key.


Moving and getting your blood flowing also gets your energy, or chi, flowing.  Yoga is excellent for this and has many anti-aging benefits.  Also Qi Gong and Thai Chi are great choices.


Pure, organic therapeutic grade essential oils have high vibrations and have wonderful detox and healing properties.  Incorporating some essential oils into your day can do wonders.  Putting a drop in your palms and inhaling the aroma can give you a vibrational pick-me-up.  I like doing this with high vibing oils like Frankensence and Rose.


Crystals have long been associated with healing and chakra balancing.  Crystals that have high vibrations include quartz crystals, Herkimer Diamond (a type of quartz found only in Herkimer, NY), Danburite, Celestite and Celenite, and Moldavite. Imagine how much more inviting  and connected to the earth a natural chunk of crystal would be in your home versus a mass produced, man-made knick knack?

Of course, you can wear gemstones and crystals, but did you know you can drink it?  Some swear by drinking gem water, or water infused with gems and crystals. You can make your own, or get a handy gem water bottle so you can easily make it and travel with it where you go. Different gems have different benefits. This one is for health and vitality:


EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful way to release negative emotions.  This is also called “tapping.”  Here’s an example of how it’s done.

It helps to start with “tapping” out some negativity to slowly raise your emotional vibration.  As a Reiki practitioner, I also recommend Reiki for clearing out negative energy and balancing chakras.


It’s no surprise that communing with the earth has a calming and grounding effect.  Take the time to go for a walk in nature, stroll on the beach and soak in some sunshine.  Tear away from those electronics — literally unplug them and take a break to recharge and energize with nature.  If you want to incorporate more nature into your office or experience this grounded sense of calm while watching TV, try a grounding mat.


I love Vibes UP and have many of their products.  They figured out how to combine gemstones and essential oils to amplify energy and “tune in” to different healing energies on various products. The Vibes Up website references UCLA research studies that show when are vibrations are raised, our intelligence, co-ordination, consciousness, happiness and levels of health can also be raised.  Vibes UP carries a range of products – from jewelry and clothes to teddy bears, shower heads and more.  And the fun part is, they show proof that their products do work!

Raising your vibration is something to work on on a daily basis, but the benefits can be great – including attracting even MORE positivity and high vibing blessings into your life!

~ Here’s to Increasing Our Vibe In The New Year And Beyond,

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