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When did haircuts become so INSANELY priced?   I don’t know about YOU, but I am NOT that girl who is going to pay $200.00 for a trim.  In FACT, I’m WAY overdue for a cut because I’m using Miracle Anti-Aging hair care, which has a natural hair growth stimulator and my hair is growing like a weed now, when I couldn’t get it passed my shoulders before.  The KEY is going to be regular cuts for me.

And CUTS just CAN’T be “regular” when celebs are involved, can they?  I guess I GET IT, what with them being in the business of beauty and all, and how one bad hair day could be the reason they don’t get cast in a multi-million dollar picture.  Yes, I said PICTURE – gosh I’m old.  But I can’t help but think they are being OVERcharged.



I mean, Jennifer Anniston reportedly has a price tag of $920 without tip when celebrity stylist Chris McMillan cuts her hair for $600 and if she gets color, which starts at an additional $320 (SOURCE:  Beautyriot.com).  Gotta love Beverly Hills and that somebody has the chutz·pah to SNIP SNIP and say “THAT will be $600 please.”

And that somebody PAYS it.  I would like to SEE the difference between a $200 haircut, a $300 haircut and then a $600 haircut.


Beautyriot.com reports this golden girl pays ONLY $650 for full highlights, cut and blowout, along with the likes of Nicole Kidman and Jessica Alba.  Her go-to stylist is David Babaii at Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills.  Does Anniston’s hair LOOK more like a $600 cut, compared to Hudson’s?

And don’t get me started on singer Rihanna.  According to their sources, Rihanna spends approximately $1900 a week on her locks with celeb stylist Ursula Stephen charging Rihanna $285 per day.  Yes, I said $1900 a WEEK.  Read the full article on The Most Expensive Celebrity Haircuts Revealed here.  I guess if it’s TAX DEDUCTIBLE, anything goes, right?

That’s why I love the beauty schools where you can get a nice, supervised cut and it won’t break the bank.  And you can take that $200 and pay it on your sky-high rent and maybe groceries.

Well, hold on to your piggies, cuz here’s a way you get a “FREE” haircut…plus you can help out some deserving people in need.

The Aveda Institute Los Angeles is holding “Beauty for a Cure” Wednesday, October 29th.  You get a free EXPRESS service of  a haircut, facial, polish change or makeup application and in return the requested donation is $10.00 and that goes to charity.

So, it’s pretty much a win-win.

Originally, they were doing this all day, but now it’s walk in’s only (first come first served) starting after 12 noon to up about 6:30pm.

Aveda Institute Los Angeles| 10935 Weyburn Avenue | Los Angeles, CA 90024

Free Express Services:
Polish Changes, 
Makeup Application
Walk-ins Welcome | $10 Requested Donation

Donations benefit UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center (JCCF), the fundraising arm for UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center (JCCC). Donations to JCCF fund cutting-edge research that helps improve the therapies available to patients everywhere.

Call 310.209.2000 for more information about Beauty for a Cure and if you don’t get in, don’t fret, The Aveda Institute is usually participating in cool charities and benefits and offers beauty on a budget cuts normally for $15.00.

Free Aveda haircuts and more Wednesday October 29th The Aveda Institute Los Angeles.

Free Aveda haircuts and more Wednesday October 29th The Aveda Institute Los Angeles.

ONLY $10.00?  Surely they left off two zeros at the end of that!  WHERE’s my agent?

Beauty on a Budget + Charity Rocks,

~ The Anti-Aging Analyst


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