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PREFACE: This post might be a LITTLE off-topic to anti-aging, but hopefully my fellow bloggers will find some value in it.

I drafted this post because another website had asked me to participate in what I thought was an ONGOING share of blogging tips. I got a LONG-ASS email full of questions and NO deadline was mentioned, so I assumed it was some sort of ongoing feature of blogging tips and there was no urgency and ample time to digest the overload of questions.

I wrote the piece below and when I submitted it, I was told the piece had already published (!)

That brings me to my #1 (obvious) Blogging Tip – when asking others to participate and submit material for your blog, give a clear description of what you need and when the deadline is. You might also want to CONFIRM the writer’s participation to let them know you DEFINITELY want their participation and to confirm you are definitely publishing their material. Give links of where the piece will be featured. Make sure your request is NOT a page long full of questions – but rather a succinct description such as: Please submit your top 3 blogging tips for BLANK (productivity, technical tips or whatever you wish to cover) by such and such date.



Thankfully, my time was not TOTALLY wasted — here are my top three tips for fellow bloggers:

So, you’ve started a blog — congratulations! Hopefully, your blog is about a topic you are passionate about and that inspires you! Posting on your blog should make you happy! But with tech issues, negative comments, web developers trying to suck money out of you, and pressure to constantly churn out original content, running a blog can get a bit overwhelming at times. Here are a few tips to stay sane:

1) Set Reachable Goals and Don’t Forget To Give Yourself Some Kudos

If you keep your goals reachable, you are less likely to have a complete meltdown if you miss a deadline. Steady as she goes! Keep a regular pace for your posts, but don’t beat yourself up if you fall a day or two behind – remember it’s supposed to be FUN. And between giving the dog a flea bath, cranking out a sales report for work, doing yoga for your aching over-40 back and whipping up a healthy dinner, you STILL managed to post on your blog? Go celebrate, girl! That’s a WIN!

2) P is For Preparation

Some bloggers like the spontaneous approach, but for me, I like to know what I’m going to post in advance. I keep a folder on my desktop full of topic ideas. Plus, at the beginning of the month, I go “old school” and write out all the topics I’m going to cover on my whiteboard, and check them out as I deliver. I give priority to any sponsored posts or reviews I’ve received product for, and I keep the schedule flexible, so there’s room for that brilliant idea!

3) Stay True to Your Voice

The one thing that keeps me bloggin’ is knowing that other bloggers have “sold out” and I haven’t. I don’t pay people to write my blog posts FOR me – I write them all myself and I’m dang proud. I also stay true to my “tell it like it is style” and if I don’t like a product or service, I say so, without candy coating it. If someone wanted to be an advertiser on my blog, but they wanted me to change my style, I’d tell ’em where to stick it! And so should you. It’s YOUR blog and YOUR voice. Don’t ever change that – because it makes you UNIQUE and that’s why people are reading your blog in the first place. EMBRACE your unique talents that make you YOU. (I also am big on embracing your age – you can read about that on my blog:

One more tip:  if you are using WordPress, I’ve found it massively helpful to purchase your own theme, rather than getting into a situation where your web developer says they can “let you use it.”  Purchasing your own theme allows you access to the theme’s free tech support – and the “I’ll let you USE the theme” agreement just racks up more hours your web developer charges you for TRYING to figure out an answer, when the pro’s who created the theme will answer your questions and troubleshoot any issues for free.

Happy Blogging!


~The Anti-Aging Analyst

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Eliza is an anti-aging journalist, coach and skincare/wellness consultant who has written hundreds of articles on anti-aging products and procedures, beauty and skincare. She writes regularly for The Los Angeles Examiner, and has been published in Hawaii's Inspiration Journal, and Hawaii Wellness Magazine, and quoted in various beauty blogs and newsletters including New You Magazine and more. A former Chicago reporter and analyst by nature, Eliza created Eliza's Anti-Aging Arsenal ( a blog for people over 40, where she shares anti-aging tips, tricks and tools, vents a lot, and is known as "The Anti-Aging Authority With Attitude." Connect with Eliza at

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