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Ahh those nasty “elevens” in between the eyes – those vertical crater-creases from too much stress or from being REALLY puzzled most of the time. When your eyebrows veer down a hundred times a day, day after day, congratulations!  You just rolled an “eleven.”  Well, if you’re sick of seeing math on your forehead, and don’t want to inject yourself with Botox, enter Frownies to the rescue!
What are Frownies?  Shhh….they are touted as “Hollywood’s Beauty Secret.” It says so right there on the package, so who can argue?  I was introduced to mine in an Emmy Awards goodie bag and tried them out for myself.  Here’s the 411 on this “secret.”
Frownies are patches that you apply to your expression lines and creases.  You can wear them overnight or during the day for a minimum of 3 hours.  Essentially, they are unbleached natural kraft paper with a water-activated, vegetable-based adhesive. You spray on the Rose Water hydrator spray (with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid – good stuff) to the shiny side of Frownies Facial Patches to activate the adhesive.  Apply the patch directly over the targeted wrinkle, being sure to smooth it out, and let it sit.
The theory behind Frownies is that you are relaxing the face muscles which created the crease and are actually “re-training” your muscles to relax. You WILL see an improvement from just one night with your Frownies patch, but the Frownies website states that since this is a training process, you will get “continual results with continual use.”  Translation: Use it one night, and your wrinkles will soften, but they will come back later in the day….use it continuously and they will start coming back later, or won’t come back at all.
I like to call Frownies “Botox in a Box” – and if Frownies would like to call them that too, I’d be happy to sell that slogan to them – the fact is, you CAN soften lines without injecting yourself with a toxic substance produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum – if you’re an actress and have a big shoot the next day, or you have a major social event where you want to look line-less, why not give Frownies a try?  They are a great quick fix and much more economical and less painful than an injection.
Oh, Frownies are not just for sleeping – you can wear them while fiddling around the house…I’ve heard of people wearing them while driving on long road trips…and heck, why not be the first on your block to wear a big ol’ patch on your forehead on your first date?  Great ice-breaker!  You never know until you try.
Want more proof?  Actress Raquel Welch said she uses  Frownies.  She’s 69. And who knows who ELSE does – I mean, afterall, it IS a secret….(uhh, Rene Russo and Glenn Close to name a couple).
Now when you wake up with these patches on your face, you can peel them off like a Band-aid, or if you are the sensitive type, use some warm water to help remove them.
TIP:  Go ahead and cut your Frownies before-hand. I’ve found this is the best way to cover exactly what you want covered.  If the patch is too big, or you don’t smooth out your wrinkle before applying, this may even CAUSE an indentation on your skin from the patch’s edges…and you don’t want that but those slight indentations do seem to go away quickly.

A Combo of Corner of Eyes and Mouth Patches and Rose Water Hydrating Spray (144 patches) goes for $29.95.

Combo of Forehead and Between Eyes Patch and Rose Water Hydrating Spray (144 patches) is also $29.95.
The secret is out.  Pass it on and SMILE !
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