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Got gas?   Pop a pill!

Depressed?   Pop a pill!

Wanna live longer? Feel younger?

It sounds like a schlocky Sci-Fi flick, but YES, you can pop a pill for that too!

Researchers are making giant leaps and bounds in the science of anti-aging – including lifespan extension and treating the diseases of aging.

But is there a “magic” fountain of youth pill out there yet?

I’ll let YOU decide! Here’s the 4-1-1 on a few options:


Got wine?

We’ve all seen Doctor Oz sing the praises of one or two glasses of red wine each night for the effects of this ingredient – Resveratrol.  It’s an anti-oxidant found in the skin of the grapes of red wine (go lushes!) and also mulberries, peanuts, and Japanese knotweed.

What’s so hot about Resveratrol?   First off, it can lower your risk of heart disease.   Heard of the “French Paradox?”  That mysterious question:  “Hey, how come those French people are always eating high fatty foods, and they aren’t dropping like flies from heart attacks?”  Researchers figured it was something in the wine… Cheers !

Secondly, in lab studies, resveratrol has lengthened the life span of worms, fruit flies, and let mice nosh on super-fatty high caloric food to their hearts’ content, counteracting the harmful effects of overeating and cutting the risk of early death in these critters by 31 percent.

The revolutionary news is this:  resveratrol triggers the gene in your body that controls the aging process — SIRT1, or Sirtuin.  Sirtuin rejuvenates damaged cells and delays cell death.  Somehow, it’s “turned on” by resveratrol.  So, resveratrol delays age-related deterioration too.

Now, don’t grab the ho-hos and a case of “2-Buck Chuck” Merlot just YET — How much wine are we talking about drinking to get these benefits?

The Wine RX would be:  1,000 bottles a day !   Ouch that’s an expensive bar tab!  Not to mention the liver transplants you would need…that’s where concentrated resveratrol supplements come in.

In a Barbara Walters Interview, Dr. Sinclair, the biologist who made the discovery of the anti-aging properties of resveratrol, stated that in the future, with something like resveratrol supplements,  human lives could possibly be extended by an extra decade or two.  Geez!  (Lifespan is extended through the prevention of disease.)  Resveratrol supplements would thereby virtually eliminate age-related diseases like diabetes and Alzheimers.

Of course, the studies continue…and human studies are in the works as well.

Some doctors say “go for it” with Resveratrol supplements and some say to wait for further research.   If you WANT to take a supplement, there are a flood of options.

Just GOOGLE Resveratrol supplements and you are bombarded with a slew of brands by indi manufacturers.  But watch for  gimmicks!  Nothing’s regulated by the FDA so every supplement maker is trying to cash in…

* FREE TRIALS – Careful, it may not really be a FREE TRIAL, it may be enrollment in an expensive auto-ship program which can be impossible to cancel, so, read the fine print.  Just visit the Oprah blog to see how many peeps got scammed in free trials for resveratrol by Resveratrol Ultra!

* On-line articles – Well, sometimes, the article LOOKS un-biased, but after careful review, it’s an advertisement!  So, try to get your info from medical reports or reputable medical sites.  And deal with reputable companies you’ve heard of.

* Celebrity endorsements – You’ll see celebrity photos next to some ads when the celebs have never endorsed the product ! Remember, Doctor Oz doesn’t endorse a specific resveratrol supplement, so be careful about misrepresentation.

So, how do you pick a good Resveratrol supplement?

Well, I’ve heard there are really two parts to the Resveratrol compound – Trans-Resveratrol and Cis-Resveratrol. Studies showed that only the Trans-Resveratrol part has the positive health benefits. So, when you look at an ingredient list you want to make sure you see Trans-Resveratrol.

Prices range all over the place depending on manufacturer and purity, but start at around $20 and go up from there.

Here’s a clip of Doctor Oz speaking about Resveratrol and other amazing extreme longevity techniques which are a blink of an eye away.  (The OTHER thing that triggers Sirtuin, Dr. Oz says,  is a calorie-restricted diet – so horray for Resveratrol! )

Diane Sawyer Dr. Oz interview on Resveratrol and extreme longevity techniques


Protandim is another “anti-aging pill.  I mean, hey, it’s got MICE living longer and Montel Williams
recommends it and is a distributor.

Protandim is a combo of five plant ingredients – exotic and common – and is sold as a nutritional supplement, not a prescription drug – so again, there’s no FDA regulation.

Protandim is said to decrease oxidative stress, or the damage from free radicals. High oxidative stress can lead to aging, strokes, heart attacks, and Alzheimers.  Protandim increases two anti-oxidant enzymes in the body 1) catalase and 2) SOD (superoxide dismutase).  Their website says:


and that it’s “clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by an average of 40%.” That sounds pretty cool.

This Primetime news clip shows that Protandim may not make you LOOK younger, but definitely decreases oxidative stress:

Primetime News Clip on Protandim

Protandim runs you about $40 bucks for a one month supply.  You can give Montel a jingle, or get it from their site:


TA-65 (Telomerase Activation)

This one sounds high tech, huh?

Telomeres are located at the tips of your chromosomes.  The T.A. Sciences website says:

“Telomeres have no genetic function; they are simply stretches of DNA (repeats of base pairs) that protect the rest of the chromosome. These little bits of DNA are critical to healthy cell function and have been likened to the plastic tips on shoelaces because they prevent the chromosome from “fraying.” However, telomeres become progressively shorter each time the cell divides. When they get too short, cells reach replicative senescence and can no longer divide. The result can be the various conditions associated with old age.”

TA65 is a molecule in Astragalus, an ancient Chinese herb. It’s refined and purified. You can get Astragalus extract in a health food store, however it has little or no TA-65.  Hence, here’s this supplement, which claims to activate telomerase in normal cells and increase telomere length, improve functional capacity, and promote the cell lifespan.

Little Miss Oprah Winfrey exclaimed on her show one day “I want longer telomeres” and bam!  Word got around.

For $600 big ones, you TOO can take this supplement…

Your lovely neighborhood Anti-Aging Analyst is NOT a doctor and not telling you to run out and purchase cases of anything of the above.  It’s here for your info. What can I say, I like to share 🙂

Are you an Anti-Aging Junkie who’s tried or is using Resveratrol, Protandim or TA65 supplements?
Please comment and share your experience!

Peace out,

The Anti-Aging Analyst

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