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I’m addicted to you
Don’t you know that you’re toxic?

Yes, I’m talking to YOU S.C. Johnson’s Pledge, Pine Sol, Mr. Clean, Windex and Scrubbing Bubbles to name a few household cleaners that contain chemicals, some toxic and some that they don’t even mention on the ingredient label. To avoid toxic chemicals and make your own non-toxic cleaners, scroll down to the DIY recipes below.


Certain chemicals in cleaning products have been linked to fertility problems, birth defects, increased risk of breast cancer, asthma and respiratory disorders, and hormone disruption. What’s more, there is no federal law requiring cleaning product companies to list all the ingredients in their products on the label.  Which means companies can keep toxic chemicals a secret from you.

That’s why an organization like Women’s Voices For the Earth is so important.  They are on a mission to get companies to get rid of toxic chemicals in household cleaning products (among other things) and to make companies disclose what chemicals are in their products.

WVE says that between 80,000 and 85,000 chemicals are in use in the environment in the United States, yet only about 200 of these chemicals have been tested for safety. Of those chemicals that have been tested, most have been evaluated only for their acute impacts to adult males in industrial settings. The chemical exposure routes and health impacts on women – especially girls, women of color and women of reproductive age – are different and have historically been largely overlooked. (More info at Women’s Voices For the Earth).

Until we all can live in a non-toxic world, to avoid toxic chemicals in cleaners, why not try to make your own non-toxic cleaning products? It’s not as complicated as you may think and you are lessening your exposure to chemicals that cause all sorts of health issues.

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The FIRST step is recognizing that you’re in a toxic relationship and taking steps to GET OUT.

All recipes on this page are courtesy of Women’s Voice For the Earth.

~ Here’s to the Power of NON-toxic alternatives,

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