The Ultimate Anti-Aging Arsenal

15 12, 2015

Avoid Toxic Chemicals With These Non-Toxic DIY Recipes

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I'm addicted to you Don't you know that you're toxic? Yes, I'm talking to YOU S.C. Johnson's Pledge, Pine Sol, Mr. Clean, [...]

10 12, 2015

Ten Habits of Aging Gracefully

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Of course, the staples of anti-aging include a good diet and exercise. But there is much more involved to optimal aging [...]

5 12, 2015

Hidden Danger of The NutriBullet Pro 900 Series

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I recently purchased a NutriBullet Pro 900 watt nutrition extractor and am enjoying drinking green drinks every morning.  Here's a [...]

1 12, 2015

Does This Diabetes Drug Help You Live Longer?

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Want to live longer?  Scientists are researching a common diabetes drug called metformin that may hold the key to helping people live longer [...]

16 11, 2015

Wholesome Ingredients at Wholesale Prices – Thrive Market

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At some point, each and every one of us knows that Costco member who takes you into their house and boasts [...]

13 11, 2015

How Topical Probiotics Benefit Your Skin

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Most of us have heard about probiotics and how they are associated with yogurt to improve the health of the [...]

12 11, 2015

Flower Essences To Resolve Negative Beliefs and Create Emotional Well-being

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Taking time out for yourself is crucial for feeling balanced and restored.  But when you manage to find the time [...]

30 10, 2015

The Scary Truth About Halloween Candy and Cancer

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It's not a big shocker that candy contains lots of sugar.  But what is UP with candy containing carcinogens that no one is BANNING? [...]

28 10, 2015

Scary Anti-Aging Treatment: Leech Facial Therapy

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While some would consider it "scary" or even ripped from the pages of a horror novel, Demi Moore is a big fan [...]

26 10, 2015

Processed Meats Announced To Cause Cancer By World Health Organization and Red Meat MIGHT Cause Cancer

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My bologna has a first name and it's spelled C-A-N-C-E-R. Well, whatdoyaknow, that's also how my ham, my hotdogs and [...]

19 10, 2015

How Stress Affects Your Skin And Hair And What To Do About It

By | 2017-05-19T02:34:07+00:00 October 19th, 2015|acne, stress, stress and aging|1 Comment

As we zig and zag in high gear throughout life, that dreaded demon lurks at every curve, just begging for [...]

15 10, 2015

Safely Lengthen Telomeres With This Revolutionary Supplement with TA-65 Telomerase Activation

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Personal question:  "Do you know how long your telomeres are?" If you're concerned with aging, trust me, you WANT to [...]

12 10, 2015

Review: The NutriBullet Pro 900 Watt Model

By | 2017-05-19T02:34:09+00:00 October 12th, 2015|anti-aging foods, anti-oxidants, extractor, NutriBullet|1 Comment

Nutribullet Review Feeling a little run down?   Interested in getting more greens in your diet, but don't want to eat [...]

8 10, 2015

REVIEW: Get Hip with Mad Hippie’s All-Natural Vitamin C Serum

By | 2017-05-19T02:34:14+00:00 October 8th, 2015|Anti-aging, Mad Hippie, Vitamin C serum|0 Comments

I'm pretty old-school, so when it comes to vitamin C serums, I remember my first experience was paying what I [...]

30 09, 2015

Top 10 Aesthetic Professionals in U.S. for 2015

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Who doesn't LOVE a good TOP 10 list? Well, Aesthetic Everything, a large network of aesthetic professionals, physicians, beauty brands and [...]

23 09, 2015

Top Anti-Aging Tools And Skincare In Emmy Gifting Suite 2015

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Ahh, the life of a celebrity. Can you imagine?  On TOP of winning awards for their work, they get invited [...]

23 09, 2015

Juicing Your Way to Good Health: Getting Started with the Black & Decker Fruit & Veggie Juice Extractor And An Easy Peezy Juice Recipe for Noobies

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I’m soooo guilty of SAYING "I'm going to get a juicer.  I'm going to get a juicer."  Why?  Naturally, to [...]

14 09, 2015

Cymatics:  How to Look and Feel Younger Using the Power of Sound and AMI Facial Rejuvenation

By | 2017-05-19T02:34:34+00:00 September 14th, 2015|Anti-aging, beauty, breakthroughs in anti-aging, cymatics|1 Comment

If you think the wrinkles on your face can only be eradicated by a topical cream, laser or needle TOUCHING [...]

31 07, 2015

Top Worst Sunscreens : Banish These Babies From Your Beachbag

By | 2017-05-19T02:34:42+00:00 July 31st, 2015|Environmental Working Group, Oxybenzone, SPF, sun damage, Sunscreen, sunscreens|0 Comments

Sunscreens.  They are GOOD for you, right?  Well, not all sunscreens are created equal.  Here's a look at what you [...]

29 06, 2015

Get ENLIGHTENED About Toxic-Free Candles

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A scented candle can often be the perfect mood-setter for a relaxing or romantic evening at home.  Who doesn't love to [...]

19 06, 2015

Rob Lowe “Gives Good Face” To Men With New, Toxic-Free Skincare Line For Men

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Remember the dude from St. Elmo's Fire?  About Last Night?  And who can forget Sex Tape?  Er, I mean that [...]

9 06, 2015

The Challenge to STOP the Kylie Jenner Challenge

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What is UP with this The Kylie Jenner Challenge? I want to know WHO started it.  It certainly wasn't Kylie [...]

13 05, 2015

What You Should Know Before You Get A Chemical Peel

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In a breezy ocean spot, as I hid from the sun in my summer hat and sipped a cool fruity [...]

22 04, 2015

TOP PICKS: 2015 Earth Day Products

By | 2017-05-19T02:35:15+00:00 April 22nd, 2015|all-natural products, coconut wax candles, Earth Day|0 Comments

Happy Earth Day! Today is Earth Day, and if you haven't gotten behind an earth-friendly beauty brand, it really is [...]

6 04, 2015

April, 2015 Giveaway: Scalisi Cleanser And Exfoliator (full size)

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  Scalisi Skincare Cleanser and Exfoliator: SUPER stoked to be GIVING AWAY a full sized tube (3.4 oz) of  Scalisi Skincare Cleanser and [...]

29 03, 2015

Crank Up The Collagen With Vitamin C

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There are tons of ingredients in skincare and many new ones popping up all the time as "the next big [...]

23 03, 2015

Pterostilbene: Powerful Cancer Fighting Ingredient

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Have you heard the buzz about pterostilbene? Maybe pterostilbene is not what you call a "household term" YET, like its [...]

15 03, 2015

NEW Breakthrough In Anti-Aging for HAIR – Hydrolyzed Capauxein

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Have you had this experience?  You see or hear a product claim - on the side of a box, or [...]

2 03, 2015

12 Fruits And Veggies That You Should Buy Organic

By | 2017-05-19T02:35:45+00:00 March 2nd, 2015|Environmental Working Group, organic food|0 Comments

Are you getting your fruits and veggies in your daily diet?  They are MUY IMPORTANTE to get your phytochemicals anti-oxidants. [...]

18 02, 2015

Can Pyramid Energy Make You Look Younger?

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FLASHBACK to the 1970s... CLUE:  "An old woman's breasts." ANSWER:  THINGS THAT SAG. CORRECT! THAT was from a little show [...]