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In a sea of daily advertisements celebrating creaseless faces of youth and ultimate sexuality, it’s always refreshing to spot a female “Over 50” model in the mix.

But when we DO (and yes, we see them more frequently than before), it’s kind of disappointing to see the “cookie cutter advertising” version of a mature model.  You know —  mandatory long locks of white or silver hair and a face Photoshopped to rival that of a 35 year old.  These characters are also ultra fashion-forward with at least 10 pounds of accessories and always donned in blindingly bright colors (no doubt to indicate how cool and eccentric they are.)

Well, check out this “stop you in your tracks” photo I just ADORE by l.a.Eyeworks.

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Breaking Stereotypes of Over 50 Models: l.a.Eyeworks model and visual artist/musician Rhonda S. Photo courtesy of l.a.Eyeworks. Used with permission.

Why I Love This Ad / Over 50 Model

I personally love it because it embodies a coolness and authenticity without being over the top.  It’s not made to shock you — it’s real.  A real employee of the company and senior citizen wearing some bassass sunglasses.  (I can say she’s a senior because I met her and she said so.)

Being real and authentic is such an integral part of being happy and feeling younger.  Many of us in our 50’s are finally letting go of others’ preconceptions of what we should look like and who we should be, and finally finding our voices, passions and even true selves.  Not a bad thing to aspire to, actually.

To ME, this photo embodies all that and then some.  It kinda says “age doesn’t matter” and “people over 50 can be cool” at the same time.  It says “I’m gonna do ME., so get out of my way.”

Oh, and it also says buy these l.a.Eyeworks sunglasses called “Burbank” cuz they rock.  (There’s two l.a.Eyeworks stores in Los Angeles, and you can click here to find these glasses in other states.)

It’s no wonder I.a.Eyeworks has such hip photos celebrating age diversity. It says right on their website “l.a.Eyeworks  designs eyewear to celebrate the diversity of faces and the uniqueness of individuals.”

Transcending Your Age No Matter What The Ads Tell You

Eyewear really transcends age, doesn’t it?  I’m waiting for the day that everything else does too.  Remember 30 years ago when most our models were Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford?  We not only wanted to BE like them, we felt BAD if we weren’t as skinny or pretty as them!  NOW we see more diversity in not only age, but in sizes and shapes too and that’s a good thing.  It’s reminding (and maybe empowering?) us to be ourselves and not some version of someone else’s idea of who we are supposed to be.

So maybe you can’t really relate to the silver-haired cover girls, and maybe you don’t see yourself as an artist like this eyewear model.  Regardless, you can always take a fashion tip from one ad, a skincare tip from another ad and DO YOU.   We can celebrate diversity and remember there’s only ONE person to really aspire to be  — and that’s the best version of OURSELVES.  Badass sunglasses always optional.

Keepin’ Over 50 Cool,

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