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FLASHBACK to the 1970s…

CLUE:  “An old woman’s breasts.”



THAT was from a little show called the $10,000 Pyramid Game, err, was it the $25,000 Pyramid Game?  — no wait:  The $100,000 Pyramid Game!


Tragically, that was a REAL clue and answer in the “Greatest $100,000 Pyramid Win,” and probably directly related to the bra burning craze of that same era (no support = sagging).  Game show nerds can see the entire clues and answers in this video:

Speaking of crazes – the 1970’s had a bit of a PYRAMID craze going on.  I remember my mom even joined the craze and made a pyramid out of tin foil and placed a non-working watch under it, in hopes that the watch would start working again.  In hindsight, I think the watch had to stay under the pyramid for a crazy amount of time – like a few months – but pyramids were supposed to have some “magical” powers of rejuvenation.

If pyramids can jump start a watch battery, grow plants faster and prevent food from spoiling, (people DO post such evidence on the internet from their home experiments) would there be any anti-aging effects to sitting or sleeping under a pyramid?  Can pyramids and pyramid energy make you look younger?

In a recent phone interview, Nick Edwards, AKA The Pyramid Man, answers with a resounding YES!  Nick has been researching (and designing) pyramids since the 1970’s and says that pyramids can make you live longer, give you health benefits AND can help with looking younger because pyramids slow down the aging process.

How does he know this?  Nick is 70 years old and says he feels like 35 inside and on the OUTSIDE looks around 55.  He says that he has almost 50 pyramids in his house and looking young is no accident.

Nick sleeps with a large pyramid that hangs over his bed, (the 42.5 inch base “Mother Ship” that he sells on his website) and says that dreams are better, he sleeps more soundly and the pyramid energy even makes sex better.  This is a picture he had from his website.


This simple geometric shape has been known to induce relaxation and restorative sleep. Edwards says these pyramids are popular with athletes and he’s even sold one to Sting.

Nick says that in the 10 plus years of sleeping under a pyramid, he looks younger now than he did 10 years ago — and he has not aged at all, and also has not gained a pound.

Nick chuckled that he had to stop attending school reunions because his classmates would get mad at him…for looking so young!

He tells me his wife Janet also looks around half her age – and Nick also attributes this to the pyramid over their bed, and the other 50 or so pyramids in their home.

All of Nick Edwards’ pyramid products are naturally energized in an environment of peace and tranquility in a setting of earth, trees, river and rock in the middle of a national forest.  Then each product is electrically charged by a 3 million volt Tesla Coil, which energizing the product even more.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.37.38 PM

How long do you have to be exposed to pyramid energy to see some results?

According to Edwards. after about six months to a year of sleeping under a pyramid grid, the human body will actually start benefiting from rejuvenation effects. In an interview, he said, “We die because our body falls apart, and there’s really no reason for that.  We should be able to live a lot longer.  I intend to live at least 200 years”, he said quite seriously.

Have you experimented with pyramid energy?  Would you be willing to sleep under a pyramid if there was hard evidence it erased wrinkles?

Set the calendar 20 years from now to look up Nick Edwards to see if he’s still around and looking any younger.


And you can read more about the positive effects of pyramids in my Los Angeles Examiner article here: “The Health And Anti-Aging Benefits of Pyramids.”




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