Essential Oils – Powerful Tools For Anti-Aging and Well-Being

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Have you ever incorporated essential oils into your anti-aging skincare routine? Once you get the basic principles, it's actually easy [...]

Safely Lengthen Telomeres With This Revolutionary Supplement with TA-65 Telomerase Activation

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Personal question:  "Do you know how long your telomeres are?" If you're concerned with aging, trust me, you WANT to [...]

Cymatics:  How to Look and Feel Younger Using the Power of Sound and AMI Facial Rejuvenation

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If you think the wrinkles on your face can only be eradicated by a topical cream, laser or needle TOUCHING [...]

Rob Lowe “Gives Good Face” To Men With New, Toxic-Free Skincare Line For Men

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Remember the dude from St. Elmo's Fire?  About Last Night?  And who can forget Sex Tape?  Er, I mean that [...]

Review: Pure Plant Spa’s Aromatic Body Products

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Pure Plant Spa Review - I love love love this line! When you discover a truly "authentic" product - you [...]