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There are tons of ingredients in skincare and many new ones popping up all the time as “the next big thing,” but one ingredient stands out as tried and true. That ingredient is Vitamin C.

While you shouldn’t rely on JUST ONE ingredient in your beauty routine, Vitamin C is a multi-tasking ingredient that addresses a variety of skin issues and has a ton of skin benefits:

1) Crank up the Collagen

Using a vitamin C product increases collagen production and increased collagen results in firmer skin.

2) Now You “See” Them, Now You Don’t

Vitamin C can reduce the appearance of sun spots or brown spots. Be diligent in applying a Vitamin C serum or cream on spots and they will fade.  The hard-core way for people WITHOUT sensitive skin?  Rub a piece of lemon on the spot on a daily or 2x daily basis.

3) Fight The Free Radicals

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that blocks some of the damage caused by free radicals and thereby that delays the aging process in general.

So, DO look for a cream or serum that contains this superstar skin ingredient, also listed as ascorbic acid or l-ascorbic acid. Sometimes you will see Vitamin C, and other times you will see Vitamin C ester, which people say is less acidic and less drying than the regular version.

For those with sensitive skin, try a low percentage serum. Obagi Professional-C Serum 5% is for the delicate eye area. I’ve personally tried this is really liked it — in fact I loved using it on a daily basis.  I didn’t experience any drying or irritation and liked the overall feel of this product.  Obagi products are prescription strength formulations designed to minimize the appearance of premature skin again, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, acne, and sun damage.  You can get them at dermatologist offices and med spas. Obagi makes their C serums with various percentages.  You can check out the products here:


I love the Obagi line.  If you would like something less expensive, be sure that it lists the percentage of Vitamin C on the label, or that Vitamin C comes up early in the ingredient list.  Mad Hippie is another great serum.  Love the fragrance of that one.

Sometimes you can snag a winner at stores like Ross or T.J. Maxx.  My local T. J. Maxx had a serum called 40 Carrots that had extra goodies like Vitamin A and grape extract, but I wasn’t a fan of the added dyes so I skipped it.  SO CLOSE!

As with any anti-oxidant, make sure your bottle airtight, and keep it out of sunlight so it doesn’t lose it’s potency.

Your body doesn’t store Vitamin C, so INGESTING a daily dose can also strengthen our skin from the inside out. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study back in 2007 that found middle-aged women who consumed foods with Vitamin C appeared to have fewer wrinkles and less skin dryness. Vitamin C super foods include red bell peppers, green bell peppers and kale, in addition to oranges and other citrus. So drink, eat and soak up this skincare superstar whenever you can!

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