Cymatics:  How to Look and Feel Younger Using the Power of Sound and AMI Facial Rejuvenation

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If you think the wrinkles on your face can only be eradicated by a topical cream, laser or needle TOUCHING your face, be prepared to get your mind blown!  Enter “cymatics”…

There’s something called CymaTherapy, which deals with the power of SOUND.  These sound frequencies can affect the cells inside your body and are said to rejuvenate and regenerate cells, as well as bring your organs “back into balance.”

Check out this amazing experiment told by Sir Peter Guy Manning, a doctor who researched and used sound therapy for 40 years…

Recently, in Germany, researchers took the DNA of a 17-year-old boy, recorded its sound frequencies, and saved them. The boy was accidentally killed, but the scientists still had his DNA frequency patterns. Later, the DNA frequencies of the 17-year-old were transmitted into the body of a man in his late thirties. And the man almost became the young boy. His skin became youthful, he became slim, his hair went back to its natural color. Today he’s in his forties and he still looks like a much younger man.

–Sir Peter Guy Manning, M.D.

I’m sure the FIRST question on your mind is, “How in the HECK did they record the sound frequencies of DNA?”  Me too.  But they did it.  Dr. Peter Guy Manners was the originator of what is now called CymaTherapy and CymaTherapy comes from his research.

He was a British osteopath, who with a collaborative group of scientists and medical doctors researched the biosignatures of the human body.  After decades of countless trial and error experiences, Manners and his group developed over 700 commutations to deliver precise combinations of frequencies associated with healthy tissue and organ systems.

Each commutation consists of five harmonic frequencies of audible sound that support the body to normalize imbalances and synchronize the cell’s frequency back to its natural healthy state of vibrational resonance.

Scientists now know that the human body is a dynamic energy system and that our cells, organs and tissues have their own vibratory or resonant nature. This natural, or resonant frequency can become upset or imbalanced, leading to pain, illness or disease.


In the 1980’s Peter Guy Manners met and mentored Mandara Cromwell.  Mandara is now President of Cymatherapy® International, and Director of the Board of the International Sound Therapy Association, as well as Director of the International Conference on Cymatics.  Mandara developed the company Cyma Technologies and many cymatherapy devices based on Manners’ work in sound frequencies, the latest of which is the AMI 750 device.   AMI stands for Acoustic Meridian Intelligence.

The AMI 750 was developed to deliver precise combinations of frequencies associated with healthy tissues and organ systems. When applied to the body, these sound waves help to normalize imbalances and synchronize the cell’s frequency back to its natural healthy state of vibrational resonance.

Cyma AMI  750 is programmed with 700+ frequencies to treat a variety of imbalances in the body. What is known as “energy medicine” or “vibrational medicine” works from the premise that the body is made up of interpenetrating energy fields, which in turn interact with the physical and cellular systems of the body.


So there are GADS of conditions that CymaTherapy can be used for…you can be treated for pain, athsma, headaches, hormone problems, depression, and addiction and the interesting part is that the frequencies enter your body from the soles of your FEET.  See my related article on the AMI 750 for pain reduction here.

Of course this is all very amazing – but consider toning and tightening your face and removing wrinkles using this same AMI750 device.  It’s CRAZY amazing!

Cymatics and the Fountain of Youth

Does Cymatics have the potential to reverse the aging process?

”When you’re born,” Dr. Manners said, ”every cell multiplies. Then, at puberty, the frequency patterns of the cells change, and instead of multiplying, cell replaces cell. As we age, cells still replace each other, but the tempo slows down.

”Within a few years of time we will be able to prevent this slowing down of cell replacement. And this can all be done with sound. If we take a frequency sample of your DNA at age 18, and save it, then later, if we transmit this frequency to your cells, they will rejuvenate.” Full article here.

While UNFORTUNATELY, we cannot travel back in a time machine to get our 18 year old DNA recorded, but we CAN do the next best thing…

I personally experienced an AMI Facial Rejuvenation session using the AMI 750 cymatics and it delivered an EXTREMELY deep relaxation.  You lie on a bed with your feet touching the AMI750 machine.  The machine is programmed to a frequency that deals with cleansing and tonifying the blodd and organs of the body.  This frequency of sounds also helps with healing after surgery, helps with inflammation and helps with stress and chakra balance.  While I layed with my feet on the machine, I was given a gentle facial massage of the face focusing on reflexology points and zones.  It was heavenly!

This AMI Facial Rejuvenation cymatics session promotes deep relaxation that helps to alleviate stress, increased circulation and effective removal of toxins from your facial tissue.  But, amazingly, you don’t HAVE to get the facial massage component to get the benefits of the skin tightening.

Your facial muscles and nerve endings are stimulated and re-invegorated by opening the energy channels throughout the body.  This is advanced sound technology combined with ancient Chinese Meredian Therapy.

Several sessions are recommended to see the benefits – here is a before and after photo of the results after 6 weeks! (With 2-3 sessions per week.)


AMI Facial Rejuvenation Benefits:

– Deep relaxation

– Smooths facial lines

– Improved facial tone

– Less puffiness

– Promotes a healthy, younger appearance

– Tolerance for high stress levels improved

An AMI Facial Rejuvenation Session will run $60 for a 30 minute session.

(CymaTechnologies, makers of the AMI750 don’t make any diagnosis or medical claim.  The audible tones emitted by the AMI750 relax and support the body).

If you are looking to experience a CymaTechnologies AMI 750 Facial Rejuvenation Session in your area, please contact me and I will help you find a practitioner in your area.  If you would like to OWN one (even if you are not a wellness practitioner), please visit my online store.

You’re Looking Younger and It’s Music to My Ears…And My Cells,

~The Anti-Aging Analyst

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