Essential Oils – Powerful Tools For Anti-Aging and Well-Being

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Have you ever incorporated essential oils into your anti-aging skincare routine? Once you get the basic principles, it’s actually easy to get the hang of.

You’ll need an empty clean dropper bottle, your carrier oil and your essential oil. You mix them together and BOOM, you’ve got yourself an all natural, soothing anti-aging skincare routine. (I like to use it as an addition to my current skincare line instead of a substitute.)

It’s been said that during inhalation of an authentic certified organic or wildcrafted therapeutic grade essential oil, you are connecting to the very life force of the plant. The energetic vibration of the plant unites with the body harmonics within each of us. So, when you are using essential oils, it’s more than just about skincare, you are promoting a sense of overall well-being.

But which essential oils should you get?

For starters, you want to start with organic. Organic Infusions was kind enough to send me some samples of their essential oils and carrier oils to try out (all opinions are my own). Their oils are never diluted, altered, or synthetically modified.

Rose Essential Oil can be hydrating to dry, aging skin while possibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Helichrysum Essential Oil may have skin regenerative components that appear to restore skin to its natural state of hydration and elasticity and essential oil experts recommend this essential oil for firming.

Helichrysum Essential Oil AntiAging Analyst

Essential Oils Anti-Aging Recipe

Here’s an essential oil recipe for anti-aging, courtesy of Rose Heart, Certified Master Aromatherapist.

For Aging:

1. Wash face, neck, and chest with Jojoba Oil.

2. Mist the face, neck, and chest with Rose Hydrosol Toner.

3. Mix 2 drops Helichrysum Essential Oil, 3 drops Rose Otto Essential Oil per 1 oz. Rosehip Carrier Oil. Apply this infusion and massage on to the face, neck and chest in circular motions.

Personally, I didn’t use Jojoba Oil, but I used Rosehip Seed Oil, which is amazing. I didn’t want to use coconut oil, as that is pore-clogging. At first, I made bottles with the Rose Otto oil alone and the Helichrysum alone, but you can certainly mix them into one bottle to get dual impact. All of these oils seemed the utmost high quality and I did notice more hydration and even firming from the Helichrysm on my neck.

Organic Infusion Essential Oils The Anti-Aging Analyst

It was really cool finding out more about Rose Heart, the founder of Organic Infusions. (I wonder if that is her born name? If so, that’s wild.) Rose is a well-respected authority in the field of aromatherapy who has educated and created signature blends for thousands of massage therapists, massage schools, healing centers, medical spas, yoga studios, spa resorts, dental offices and luxury hotels. Rose has more than 15 years of experience in aromatherapy, herbal therapy, natural perfumery, custom blending, product development, massage therapy and crystal healing.

Her life’s purpose was and continues to be, to enhance one’s emotional and physical well-being through our connection to the vibration of authentic pure essential oils. Rose’s intention is to awaken in us the truth that we are One with the majestic elements through the essence of these organic sacred plants.

Throughout her years of study, she’s discovered that essential oils not only have uses for skincare, relaxation and uplifting modes, but also to release emotional blocks. Rose has discovered ancient healing techniques that unite pure therapeutic essential oils, prayer, and meditation to release emotional blockage, balance energy, and rejuvenate the body; thereby removing obstacles to attuning to our Life’s Purpose.

Who wants to learn more about THAT? I know I do.

To learn more about Organic Infusions, their bulk discounts and discounted kits, check out their website. Also see my article on flower essences, which are another powerful tool for well-being.

~ Here’s to the Essential-ness of Well-being,

The Anti-Aging Analyst

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