Facercise – Results!

So, your saggs have you draggin’….  

…and you are about to go under the knife and write that pesky check for 15 Large…..

when your very own personal “Face Transformation Coach” arrives on the scene in the knick of time.  She exclaims:

“WAIT !!!  I know a way you can transform your face in 5-7 days with no injections and no surgery!  You will only need a DVD player, a few minutes a day and around $40 bucks!”

Why not give it whirl?

Carole Maggio can save you from the knife.  Her method?  Hit the gym.  The FACE gym.

I mean, we go to the gym when our bodies sag, right?  (Well, in theory, anyway.)  Shouldn’t it be the same theory for the face?

A few weeks ago, I investigated facial exercises.  I found the Undisputed Queen of Facial Exercises is a beautiful woman named Carole Maggio.  Her regimen is called Facercise – a series of exercises designed to give the following unbelievable Crazy Fantastic results:

Eyebrows lifted
More open eyes
Diminished under eye puffiness
A shorter or more narrow nose
Fuller, more sexy lips
Turned up mouth corners
Toned and defined jaw line
Complexion color change
Smoother neck line

You don’t need a thing – no gloves, no fancy stimulators, or wierd plastic things to squeeze back and forth in your mouth.  Actually, you don’t even need a DVD player because there’s an original book penned by Carole.   You can do them without a mirror!  All you need is the routine, the commitment and the power of your MIND….

SO let’s review:  $40 versus $15,000.  Worth having a looksee…and isn’t it Rebecca Romaine who also said she did facial exercises?  Oh, and did I mention Facercise is one of the Top 100 Beauty Products from Harper’s Mag?

Here’s a look at how Carole Maggio – the inventor of Facercise – transformed her own face.  Note the ages at the bottom!

Carole’s not a newbie.  She’s been at this for decades and is considered to be THE world’s foremost authority on facial exercises.  Her book – Carole Maggio Facercise – has been on the national best seller’s list for years.  She told me via email that she has had a nose job once, but her overall transformation is a direct result of these facial exercises!  In FACT,  Carole stated her surgery was very poorly done and that The Nose Transformer exercise in the Ultimate Facercise DVD corrected her nose.  Go, girl!

Skeptical?  In the spirit of experimentation, I pulled a Nancy Drew to find out if any of her exercises are on-line.  After a bit of sleuthing, I found a few – I decided to focus on two areas:  1) neck and 2) mouth corners.

I followed her examples in her tv news interviews and did the exercises for 5 days total.

Let’s just say on Day 2, you definitely feel the burn!  Since Carole’s exercises are about a “mind/muscle” connection, I began to get more conscious overall about the muscles in my face throughout the day  – like Oops!  I’m crinkling my brow right now…

Checking my trusty mirror daily, I was seeing results unfold before my eyes!  My neck was not a turkey neck to begin with, but I noticed an overall improvement in tone.  I can tell you that the muscles around my mouth feel as if they’ve been strengthened and I can consciously control these muscles – great for close-ups!

That’s just after a humble 5 days of just 2 exercises!  Can you imagine the results of the entire full line of exercises over the course of 1 month?  Or 6 months?

These exercises are designed to work SYNERGISTICALLY, so you should definitely pick up the
DVD for maximum benefits.  I would recommend the DVD versus the book, so you can get a sense of the timing of the exercises.  Carol will definitely motivate you with her “go-get-em” energy and style.  The Ultimate Facercise DVD is a series of improved and new exercises designed to give you faster results versus the beginner DVD.

Importantly, Carole’s techniques have even been proven effective for people with broken facial bones and medical conditions like TMJ, Bell’s Palsy and even facial paralysis.

Here are some words from an article Carol Maggio wrote:

“Facercise will counteract the gravity’s pull on your face.  You are in control.  Each day you will be able to see how you are making great strides in holding back the aging process.  You can turn back the clock and slow down the hands of time…..I can tell you without reservation that if you do the Facercise exercises properly, you will see and feel tremendous changes in your face as well as your self-esteem.  Remember that the mind is the most powerful tool you possess as a human being.  Use this tremendous tool to improve your face and your life.”

Buy Carole Maggio’s Ultimate Facercise Here

This analyst says that Facercise is a fantastic holistic alternative to toxic injections and risky surgeries.  Carole Maggio, we salute you!  We Scrrrrrunch up our faces!  We “Lift Lift Lift” and “Scoop Scoop Scoop” up our necks and…

feel the burn…(and NOT from surgery bills) !

Submitted by The Anti-Aging Analyst

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