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Thanks to everyone for all of the birthday wishes this month! Yes, I was born in Rocktober…err, I mean October. October 8th to be exact.

It’s my birthday, and I’ll blog if I want to.


NO, NO, NO, it’s not “Hawaii 5-OH-my-GOSH” yet, but it’s damn near close! (I was at Rubios, NOT the Peach Pit, getting my FREE 700 calorie birthday burrito — it’s okay, me and my 6 pack abs have parted ways a long time ago.)

I’m starting to hear the jokes about my age already….like it’s my 21st anniversary of being 21 (I’m SO not doing the math on that one), and that this is the FIRST year I will be 49, because NEXT YEAR, I’ll be 49… AGAIN (that remains to be seen).

Yes, I’m 49 now! My eyesight is getting worse and I was recently was “supposed” to get bifocals, but I’m fighting all the way! Bought a guitar and can’t see the dang strings in focus — and my hand was hurting a little this morning so I wonder if I’ll play it today. (GREAT time in life to pick up a new instrument, by the way, just as joint pain is kicking in).

Let’s all crank the Motley Crue, get our asses out of the Trans Am and hop into the HOT TUB TIME MACHINE and go back….wax a little poetic, shall we? Crank the dial back TWENTY years ago.  And remember to say it:

“It must be some kind of hot tub time machine…”

The year was 1994.

1994 was the year Pulp Fiction, The Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump came out. I seemed to have missed ALL of that 1) because I was working a full time job and didn’t have a life and 2) because:

Kelly and Brenda BOTH liked Dylan, and Brandon, Brenda’s brother, liked Kelly…

OKAY, so SHOOT ME — I watched a few episodes of BEVERLY HILLS 90210! Especially the ones about the love triangle between teenage rich brats Brenda, Kelly and Dylan.

ACTUALLY, according to www.teendramawhore.com, there was a BRENDA-DYLAN-KELLY triangle and a DYLAN-KELLY-BRANDON triangle.  THAT’S A DOUBLE TRIANGLE, so NO WONDER I was so freakin’ magnetized by it all, but I digress.  NO, I do NOT know all the details of this show, nor did I watch it religiously. But I DO remember GASPING when Dylan kissed Kelly (or was it Brenda?). I remember where I was, who I was with and what I was doing and I remember saying out loud: “OH MY GOSH.”

I was in Chi town working at a TV station twenty years ago. And SOMEONE who might’ve heard me talk about the first kiss between Kelly and Brandon, or the first kiss between Kelly and Dylan or someone who was with me when THAT VERY episode was playing in the background, or who heard my OH MY GOSH..OR a fellow 90210 fan (!) probably thought the mere mention of 90210 so ridiculous that he or she got me a birthday card that year…

Look who it is:



ALL MY messed up PALS from West Beverly High!  And not the UN-cool characters either, like the PARENTS, just the COOL kids.  Look how much ANGST those rich kids have!  And look how SHORT Tori’s skirt is.  Dang, girl, your dad really pimped you out back then.

OF COURSE a smile cracked on my stoic, professional career-driven lips.  THIS was FUNNY.  WAY funny.  Who in the WORLD is this card FROM?

After the initial shock, I flipped that card open so fast, DESPERATELY EAGER to know who left such a PRICELESS card on my desk for my birthday!  WHO was spying on me?

Who KNEW my guilty pleasure??

But, alas, the only signatures inside were these:


A Happy Birthday Card signed by all of the characters of 90210.

No, I don’t mean Luke Perry, I mean “Dylan McKay” — oh such a rebel signature — and “Donna Martin.”  HILARIOUS!

Did the actual ACTORS actually WRITE these signatures WHILE THEY WERE IN CHARACTER?   Did Aaron Spelling have some sort of signature “auditions?”  “No, no, no, Kelly Taylor wouldn’t cross her T like THAT, give it more of a CURVE, cuz she’s kind of a free spirit….”  Was it ONE person who just totally wrote ALL the signatures like CYBIL the gal with multiple personalities, in this case signatures?   Why does Steve Sanders write like such a girl?

SIGH.  Such a crazy card.  So many crazy questions.

Back to the YEAR:  It was indeed a crazy year 20 years ago.  It was the year of the White Bronco Chase!  (O.J. being slow chased down the 405 Freeway.)  And many other memorable things.

FLASH FORWARD 20 years later and I regularly drive on the 405 freeway — I even shared an elevator ride once with Aaron Spelling himself.  YES, I WAS THINKING ABOUT 90210!!!!

You know who’s NOT thinking about 90210 — the girl who WAS in 90210.  Recently, Jennie Garth and friend Tori Spelling were on a Bravo talk show.  Of COURSE I tuned in to see how these ladies are doing.   Jennie fumbled who Kelly ended up with at the end of the show.  Tori corrected her.  It kinda went something like this:  (WARNING THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL TRANSCRIPT.)

JG: “I ended up with Brandon, right?”

TS: “No, you ended up with Dylan.”

JG: “Oh, really? I thought it was Brandon.”

TS: “NO, it WAS Brandon, and then for the FINAL choice, it was DYLAN, remember?  You had his baby?”

JG: “Really?  I don’t remember.”

Oh yea, forgot to mention — SPOILER ALERT!

Honestly, I don’t even know if this is correct or not, but I SCOURED the internet trying to find that clip.  If you’ve got it, PLEASE post it.  It was CLASSIC!! (Andy Cohen Watch What Happens Live Show with Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth).  As an aside, Jennie is actually doing a home improvement show where she is DOING IT HERSELF.  You go, girl.  What a great, empowering message for women.  See, I always KNEW Kelly Taylor was a ROLE model 🙂


Can you believe I SAVED THIS CARD?

Looking at it, it sure does take me back to that feeling of being 29 again.  Gosh, would it be WRONG of me to keep it on the bedside table?

And to THIS DAY, I STILL do not know who got me this card.

Okay – enough.  Back in the box you go, guys.  Thanks for the memories.

And I looked it up a while ago – WOOT HOOT, this same card was on Ebay for 5 whole dollars!  So, it pays to be nostalgic sometimes.

Just think of what it will be worth when the cast is old and grey.

Ecstatic High School is Over,


~The Anti-Aging Analyst (One Year Older!)





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