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Think about how calm and centered you get from sounds of nature, from the ringing of a singing bowl, or tuning fork…from that chakra music they play at the spa. Ahhhhhhhh. Those sounds are frequencies and can helping to relieve stress and anxiety.  Some say sound frequencies like bi-naural beats and music containing whole tones can also help with pain management, PTSD, depression and more.

You may already know about a Rife machine, which generates frequencies said to counteract or cancel out certain dis-”eases” in the body…

Well, frequency pioneer Sharry Edwards has published the frequencies to help combat the Coronavirus. Sharry studies Human BioAcoustic Biology at the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Albany, OH and does MIND BLOWING work.

In an article headline by Sharry in Nexus magazine called “Decloaking Pathogens With Low-Frequency Sound,” Sharry, a 30-year professional in this groundbreaking work, talks about decloaking invading pathogens with frequencies. This means frequencies dissolve the ringed protein barriers on the pathogen so your body can see them and fight them. (Those MF’ers are stealth.)

So basically frequencies can stimulate the body to fight pathogens, and stimulate the body’s immune system to fight these pathogens. She’s studied the flu, Epstein Barr and many others, and now the Coronavirus. FASCINATINGLY, she’s studying them thru voice prints.

I’ll let that sink in.

So what did she find?

Well, that the CoronaVirus – MATHEMATICALLY SPEAKING now – looks like a perfect puzzle-nightmare. Kinda like that space alien you find on your ship and you try to kill it how you would normally kill anything else, but trying to kill it makes it stronger so it tries to kill YOU in a different way. This leads Sharry to believe it’s manmade. Too much to go into here, so I’ll just say…

Frequencies As A Treatment For Coronavirus

I’m not a doctor. This is not medical advice. Here are the frequencies Sharry posted. Make sure you visit her link to read all the directions and use at your own risk.

Go to an online frequency generator and use the binaural beat area.

Use the tones below – A Channel is left, B Channel is right.
Type in the numbers. Play the frequencies.

From her site:

-If you can’t hear the tones of your device. Simply double the frequencies until the tones are perceptible.
-For best results only each set of tones separately using the binaural setting.
-Each tone should be played no more than one minute per tone
-Play each tone through twice, every 2-3 hours or as comfortable
-Tones should be low in volume, barely audible
-Lower frequency should always be on the A Channel (Ac)


A Channel /B Channel

DO NOT do this if you have epilepsy, are prone to seizures, are pregnant or under 18. I’m not saying this a CURE. Use at your own risk. These frequencies are designed to support your immune system by helping to prepare the body to not allow a pathogen invasion in the first place.  Plus it has the frequency of Vitamin C in it.

More info than you ever wanted to know is here on Sharry Edward’s website:

Corona – A Different Approach, Summary and Solution

Fascinating Stuff!

Here’s to Your Sound Health,

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