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There’s no greater beauty-catalyst than love and gratitude.  Okay, those are TWO things, but they do go hand in hand.

Just think of the older people that you know. It’s generally common to see that those with positive attitudes look younger than their age and feel healthier than those who are cranky and bitter.  Cranky, bitter people tend to complain more to, eh?  They also have a tendency to hold on to negative feels and not let go, creating stress and havoc inside their bodies, so they look even older as a result.

When we focus on love and gratitude, we create beautiful things and beautiful energy!  I’m talking about being grateful not only for family, friends and comfort items, but also being grateful for your inner beauty AND your wrinkles too! After all, your wrinkles are culmination of who you are — a “lifetime of smiles” and miles that make you YOU.

I love this commercial by Dove, which is about 3 years old now.  Even though Dove is not one of my favorite brands, they share a great message in this commercial.

You’ll see a sketch artist sketches a drawing of someone based on their OWN description of themselves, and then do another sketch based on someone ELSE’s description (a stranger). The results are quite chilling!

This is so true too – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out to events where women will come up to me and start talking about their facial “flaws”.  And then of course, I reply,  “I can’t even NOTICE what you are talking about!”

I encourage you to watch this video

Now, one thing to remember is that this video probably was edited and manipulated for inducing maximum tears and it’s designed to make Dove look as good as possible. But, it does drive the message home that sometimes we are a bit too hard on ourselves.  Other people can’t really even see that wrinkle we are obsessing about – they just see the GOOD things like our strong features or the energy we have.

Are you seeing the good things in yourself?  Or are you focusing and obsessing on the parts you deem “bad” that other’s can’t even see?

I invite you to NOT let a few wrinkles or sags prevent you from shining your light and sharing your gifts into the world.  Be grateful for what makes you YOU and also focus on those gifts and talents, appreciating everything about you.

Go out and let that inner and outer beauty shine!

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