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While some would consider it “scary” or even ripped from the pages of a horror novel, Demi Moore is a big fan of this bloody beauty secret, and Housewife of Orange County Heather Dubrow recently gave it a try.  What is it?  A leech facial.

In a leech facial, leeches are applied to an area of your body, usually your stomach, and the leeches are allowed to suck your blood. During this process, the leeches inject you with their enzyme-rich saliva and this is supposed to have wonderful health benefits equivalent to a detoxing effect.  After the leeches are filled with your blood, the contents of their stomachs, which also contain these anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory enzymes, is applied to your face.

Leech facials for looking younger are only ONE of the many uses or applications of leech therapy, also called Hirudotherapy.  There’s a very long list of other applications including everything from hair loss, to acne, eye injury, broken bones, stroke recovery, ear infections, arthritis and overactive bladder!  And for those with serious conditions, leech therapy provides an effective, NATURAL treatment.

I recently spoke to holistic healer, Licensed Vocational Nurse and certified Hirudotherapist Irina Brodsky about the leech facial.

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Irina performed leech therapy facials on Heather Dubrow and husband Dr. Terry Dubrow for Dr. Dubrow’s new series about plastic surgery on E!.  Here are some pics of the procedure (courtesy of Irina Brodsky’s website:

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.57.06 AM

Dr. Terry Dubrow and wife Heather getting leech facials performed by Certified Hirudotherapist Irina Brodsky.

In a leech facial, the leeches are allowed to feed on your blood for 30 minutes or up to an hour.  After the leeches are full, the contents of their stomachs is placed on your face.  Leech therapy involves 6-8 therapy sessions to see significant improvement.

It’s said that the leech facial reduces wrinkles, and stimulates circulation and collagen production, thus greatly improving skin condition and appearance.

In my phone interview with Irina, I learned that only MEDICAL leeches are used in leech therapy, not leeches found in the wild, and leeches are never used more than once.  I also asked if the leeches could suck someone ELSE’s blood, and could I then put that blood on MY face.  Irina laughed and said no, it needs to be your own blood.  Hey, I tried.

Irina was kind enough to personally invite me to try leech therapy, but frankly, I was too squeamish.  And after finding out that Heather Dubrow’s stomach leech bites bled through a maxi pad and stained her clothes, and that her leech bite marks did not fully heal until after 6 months, I think I made the right decision.  However, then there’s Demi Moore at 52, OLDER than me, but looking younger than me. Hmmm.

If only vampires had the same enzymes in their saliva as leeches, right ladies?

What about you?  Would you try leech therapy?  Or does it sound too creepy?  Comment below!  And click here if you’re hungry for more anti-aging articles.  Suck up that anti-aging knowledge!

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