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Personal question:  Do you know how long your telomeres are?

If you’re concerned with aging, you MIGHT want to find out.  If you’re REALLY concerned about aging, a supplement that activates telomerase can help.

Studies have shown that how long or short your telomeres are, goes hand-in-hand with the aging process.

The telomeres in our cells get shorter as we age, as our cells divide for renewal and maintenance.  But, they can get TOO short, preventing cells from dividing….then BOOM… you get ALL the poop associated with old age.

Even little Miss Oprah Winfrey exclaimed on her show one day:  “I want longer telomeres!” What Oprah wants, Oprah gets:  there IS a way to lengthen telomeres!  But first, what the HECK are they?

Think of your shoelaces.  Know that little plastic tip on the end?  Ever bite that off as a kid and then your whole shoelace goes to pot?  Well, a telomere is like that “plastic tip” of your chromosomes, right on the tip of your chromosomes, there to kind of prevent them from “fraying.”

T.A. Sciences, the company involved with lengthening telomeres, shares:

“.. telomeres become progressively shorter each time the cell divides. When they get too short, cells reach replicative senescence and can no longer divide. The result can be the various conditions associated with old age.”

Dr. Dave Woynarowski, anti-aging expert and one of the authors of the book “The Immortality Edge: Realize the Secrets of Your Telomeres for a Longer, Healthier Life” tells us:

Cancer is a disease of short telomeres.

Heart disease is a disease of short telomeres.

Diabetes and Alzheimer’s causes short telomeres and so on and so forth.

Now, we all REALLY want to know how long our telomeres are!

And he says, that if you slow telomere loss by taking a supplement, here’s what you can expect:

A longer life

A healthier Life

A stronger Immune System

A stronger sex drive

Improved skin

Lower body fat

Better tolerance to sugar and cholesterol

Less aches and pains

More energy

One supplement is TA-65, a high tech anti-aging pill which activates telomerase, a naturally-occurring enzyme in the body which is shown to increase telomere length, improve functional capacity, and promote the cell lifespan.

If you are HARD CORE about getting your heath together, TA Sciences offers a program to get on TA-65 for 6 months, with vitamins and all the bloodwork and immune testing under the sun.   STICKER SHOCK:  up to $7,000.

Now, TA-65 is a naturally occurring single molecule found in the ancient Chinese herb Astragalus.  So, can you run to the health store and buy Astragalus and lengthen your telomeres yourself?

Sadly, the TA-65 molecule in Astragalus is very rare and it takes tons of the plant to make a little amount of pure TA-65.  Tests showed that the plant found at the health store has little or no TA-65 in it.  You might be better off taking a concentrated Astragalus extract.  No guarantee it will lengthen your telomeres, but it’s said to help with overall immune system.

I did find a supplement with no artificial colors or preservatives that contains TA-65 and these other great ingredients:

TA-65 MD

Coenzyme Q10

Fucoidan Extract, Purslane Extract and Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan

Trans-Pterostillbene (Pteropure®)

Pomegranate Extract

 Mixed Tocotrienols and Tocopherol Complex (Palm Fruits)
N-Acetyl Cysteine
A single bottle lasts a month and is under $145, and even less with their member program.  Contact me for more information and for how to purchase.

~ Here’s to keeping those shoelaces on,

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    Thank you so much for your information on telomeres! I am now motivated to do whatever I can to increase the length of my telomeres and fight off evidence of aging 🙂

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