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Do you have clutter?  Stacks of papers everywhere?  How about a closet bursting at the seams with aging clothes and shoes that don’t fit?  Everything comes and goes in cycles and at times, we ALL tend to have clutter in our homes.

Getting rid of clutter can really help to de-stress and prepare your home to receive new energies and new possibilities.  Home is where you relax, have celebrations and well…LIVE!  Having tons of clutter in your space can drag you down physically and mentally.  In other words, your clutter can be contributing to your own exhaustion and STRESS, and thereby aging you!

Remember, you don’t have to reduce clutter all at once!  Sometimes, all it takes it focusing on one thing.

For the last two weeks, I’ve been focused on downsizing the amount of beauty and anti-aging products I have.  Not by throwing them out – but by USING them – what a concept!  I’ve set aside all the tubes and jars that are just ALMOST at the bottom but not quite.  And I’ll focus on using THOSE products and just those products only for the weeks to come.  You can do this too and before you know it, you’ll be throwing out the excess tubes and jars and freeing up space in your medicine cabinet for better products.  Oh yes, UP-grading is what it’s all about!

Here’s what I’m using up now:

Dove Gentle Exfoliating Daily Facial Cleansing Pillows

These are YEARS old but sealed and I didn’t see an expiration date.  The battery operated device — the cleansing massager you use with it — is…well let’s just say it’s no longer white, and it’s time to move on!  On my last cleansing pillow till throwing out the device.  Yay!

Citre Shine Miracle Anti-frizz Serum

I SWEAR I’ve had this since the 90’s.  I’m surprised it is still around – it has new packaging now.  I’ve had the bottle turned upside down for weeks hoping the gel would drip down and it hasn’t – product is still stuck to the sides.  I added a tiny bit of hot water and used up all I can.  It’s not worth trying to cut the bottle open – don’t need to chop off a thumb in the process.  EIGHTY SIX!  Gotta upgrade.

RoC Retinol Correxion Max Wrinkle Resurfacing System

This, believe it or not, was a somewhat RECENT purchase.  I was so excited an ULTA opened up near me that I went crazy with a coupon. ULTA offers so many superior products, but you do have to pay $20 or $30 more than I was willing to pay at the time.  I am near to the bottom of the tube on Step 1, while Step 2 is almost near full.  UGH!  Roc, you should list on the tubes themselves to use Step 1 and then use Step 2 OVER Step 1, so if someone like me SEPARATES the tubes, you still know how to use the product.  No wonder it did diddly squat for me – I was only using Step 1! GONE! ( Johnson & Johnson has had harmful chemicals in it’s baby shampoo for years — I no longer trust the ingredients for any J&J product.)

It’s not just bathroom or product clutter that can stress you out or add to bad vibes in your home. The absolute best thing I’ve done as of late is toss out my coffee maker.  It had seen better days, was bulky, and hard to keep clean. (I kept forgetting to clean out the grinds and found them moldy after a few days – gross!)

I went out and got a French Press for under $30.00.  Now, I have coffee when I want by boiling some water on the stove, I don’t have to listen to percolating and when I’m done I just throw the coffee grinds into my garden.  My life just got WAY easier. And I drink my coffee out of a colorful mug because it adds a little pop to the start of the day that makes me feel uplifted.

Clearing out the clutter and adding a few pops of positivity throughout your home can make a big difference in how you see the world and how you see yourself in it.  Whether it’s attacking that pile of papers, or inviting some gal pals over to to play “Should it Stay Or Should It Go?” in your closet, a little de-clutter can go a long way.

Remember to stay youthful by having enough space in your space to exercise and sleep well too.


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