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YES!  I’ve been waiting for this day my ENTIRE LIFE — finally an “antiaging” BEER with anti-aging properties…coming from the Japan brewery Suntory.

Suntory’s new brew with the anti-aging properties of collagen has youth-seekers like me wondering “Is the FOUNTAIN of youth actually not found in a fountain after all, but in a KEG?”  And, have I just gone to heaven and found beer nirvana?

The drink is called “Precious” and it contains two grams of collagen per can, as well as five percent alcohol.

Well, even though I am digging the name, and LOVE that it’s a beer marketed towards women (There’s a KING of beers, why not a QUEEN of beers? I just trademarked that by the way.), let us not forget that alcohol brings a host of negative effects to your skin and that a spokesperson from the brewery says that they created the beer because Japanese women like to take collagen for glowing skin.

Here’s the fun commercial for the brew – can anyone translate this please?

While I know there’s beer made with green tea out there that I can’t seem to get in California, there is no news of Precious coming to a craft beer store near us in the states, a girl can still dream about a magical antiaging beer that gets you boozed up AND looking younger, even if it’s just from blurred or double vision when  you look into the mirror.

Until beer with antiaging properties and antioxidants becomes the norm, you might want to reach for red wine because it has resveratrol, or better yet, take a resveratrol supplement.  Email me at antiaging.analyst@gmail.com for my favorite brand and a special discount.

COMING SOON:  A drinkable collagen I just tried out that has 6 grams of collagen. Sorry, it is alcohol-free.

~ Kampai and Bottoms Up,

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