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I recently attended a Le Mieux’s “Easy Come Easy Glow Beauty Suite” at the Le Mieux Showroom in Pasadena, CA, where I got to sample and learn more about the line and experienced Le Mieux’s Collagen Peptide Serum. What a blast!

I wrote about it in my article on The Los Angeles Examiner website:  “Learn and Play at New Monthly Le Mieux Beauty Parties.”  Sorry, they removed the online archives of all articles those bastards.  But I digress:

This was such a great opportunity to learn about Le Mieux products, which are all about RENEWING, REGENERATING and REVIVING.  Ooh La La.

Le Mieux products are NOT water based like most, but contain a base of hyaluronic acid.  This is an ingredient naturally occurring in skin that draws and attracts moisture.  With less water than other lines, this means this line’s products are more concentrated and are gonna be all about the hydration, honey!

Le Mieux is also known as “The Serum Authority.”  Dull, tired skin?  Loss of firmness?  There’s a serum for that! And chances are, it’s made by Le Mieux.  Their serums are designed to alter and optimize skin function – NOT just sit on the top of your face.

I’ve been using Le Mieux’s Collagen Peptide Serum on a regular basis for the last 2 weeks.  This serum comes in a 1 oz. pump tube and is for dry, mature, normal, combination and sensitive skin.

You’ve got your 4 peptides and marine algae extracts to dramatically lift and tighten sagging facial contours while smoothing out expression lines and wrinkles.  Nourishing ceramides help hydrate, extend moisture and restore skin resiliency.

This serum is creamy, but not heavy, which is not the norm, so I wanted to show you more:

The box and sleek pump container.

Yep, this is a serum which is nice and rich but not runny or oily or gel-ly.

This was a pic right after rubbing the serum in.  You can see an immediate difference. After it absorbs completely, you do still see a glowing hydration effect — that’s what I am loving on my face right now after using this serum for a few weeks.

I’m also seeing firming.  Now, TMI, the corners of my mouth tend to frown downwards and I know nothing short of a recontour with a filler is going to help that, but I actually see more lift around my mouth and laugh lines.

I am LOVING the ceramides in this.  I am a BIG ceramide fan (it started with Elizabeth Arden).  But what I really like is seeing an overall more hydrated look.  And it says what it’s going to do — FIRM.

I’m going to concentrate delivering this product on my neck — I’ve got a before pic of my neck — so let’s see where this goes!  Would LOVE to see a big firming improvement there so really paying attention to it now.

See the article link above for more info about Le Mieux and where to find it.

As for the ingredients of this serum – oh, yeah, it’s the big guns, major play-yahs, the stuff you want in your STUFF:

Palmitoyl oligopeptide – reduces wrinkle depth, stimulates collagen and elastin and delivers moisture

Palmitoyl tripeptide-5 – this is an amino peptide that boost collagen and invigorates tissue regeneration

Superoxide dismutase – an anti-oxidant that fights free radical damage and helps to prevent fine lines, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation

Cool!  I stress again that this serum has some great collagen boosting ingredients.  Haven’t seen any erasing of hyper pigmentation with this in the 2 weeks I’ve been using it, but preventing is good and again, noticeable difference in firmness and a glow of more hydration.

This one is going to cost you around $85.00 because of the ingredients.  If this is too pricey for you, don’t fret.  Le Mieux has tons of products to check out that are even more affordable.  The 1 ounce of Tissue Growth Factor runs $65.00, and a pack of 4 Le Mieux Moisture Infusion Masks is a steal and feels AMAZING on your face for $25.00, leaving it …again Oooh La La!

All in all, Le Mieux is a great line with a range of innovative products all about anti-aging and cell regeneration.  Check out their line and there’s bound to be a product with innovative, anti-aging ingredients that can work with you and your budget.

Le Mieux holds training days where they will help you decide which products are best for you, educate you and let you sample.  Don’t worry, you are ALWAYS under the supervision of a beauty professional and these events take place in their swanky Pasadena showroom – call (888) 327-8188 to see if they are having an event in Pasadena soon.  Don’t forget to tell them The Anti-Aging Analyst sent you.

ReNew, ReGenerate, ReVive, RE-PEAT,

~The Anti-Aging Analyst

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