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Got dry, chapped lips or a nasty cold sore?  You need a miracle….you need to check out a product called MIRACLE LIPS.

If you’ve got dry, cracked or chapped lips and you are using that “waxy stick” (that shall remain nameless), you are doing your lips more harm than good!  WAX is the WORST thing you want to put on your lips, because the wax doesn’t let your lips breath or exfoliate.

My lips are now “Miracle Lips” thanks to a one of a kind lip product of the same name.

Miracle Lips is a natural, organic treatment enriched with over 25 natural and organic butters, vitamins, enzymes and peptides for moisturizing and exfoliating chapped, dry lips.  The miracle ingredients include high concentrations of Brazilian bee Propolis (yes, the same ingredient Dr. Oz calls a “miracle cure”) and Tea Tree Oil, making this product ANTI-VIRAL, ANTI-BACTERIAL, ANTI-FUNGAL and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY.

There are two natural and organic treatments available to kick that cold sore and moisturize your lips:



Miracle Lips Roll on Serum by Holocuren: This product ROCKS!

This is not a balm or wax – it’s a concentrated serum that changes the health of the lips on a cellular level….yes, I just wrote: “changes the health of the lips ON A CELLULAR LEVEL.”  It deeply heals dry chapped lips, reverses/prevents UV damage, hydrates, moisturizes, increases color and circulation, while it also boosts the immunity of the skin to resist/fight off infections such as cold sores.

It Gliiiiiides on and makes your lips super shiny sexy. Plus, it’s got a yummy tea tree oil scent. Your chapped lips will YEARN for it. Don’t let the price make you think twice ($19.99) – I’ve read blogs that say the price is well worth it and it lasts and lasts.


Miracle Lips Salve by Holocuren

The salve is more of a matt finish instead of a high shine, but has all the same ANTI-VIRAL, ANTI-BACTERIAL, ANTI-FUNGAL and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY qualities of the Miracle Lips Roll on, but in a convenient tube.  It has a slight granulated feel, which advances exfoliation. This one retails for $16.99.

Both Miracle Lips products stimulate exfoliation, speed up cellular activity and create a hostile environment for bacteria/viruses.  I’ve talked to people who’ve gotten cold sores and started using Miracle Lips and guess what?  Viola, no more cold sores!

And….did you know you can actually use Miracle Lips on cuts and bug bites? A mom’s DREAM!

Holocuren has other great ALL NATURAL, ORGANIC products as well like all natural Miracle Propolis Toothpaste and all natural Miracle Tropical Resilience, a skin moisturizer and bug repellent.

To purchase Miracle Lips, Miracle Propolis Toothpaste and Miracle Tropical Resilience, visit  (The Anti-Aging Analyst is an authorized reseller of Miracle Products.)


I Believe in Miracles!,


~ The Anti-Aging Analyst

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