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Murad is one of my top fave skincare companies. They have a new line out called Resurgence, designed to combat the signs of “hormonal aging.” Hey, aging is aging, right?  Well, not exactly. Psychologically, no woman wants to hear that she is hormonally aging.  But Dr. Murad states hormonal aging is just a fact of life: women produce less estrogen in their late 20’s to mid 40’s during the time leading up to menopause..and yikes, 5 years after menopause, us chickies will lose up to 30% collagen in our skin.  Joy joy joy.

What are the signs of hormonal aging? Well, the basics, really…wrinkles, dull, sagging skin, blotchiness… Thankfully, this product is just what the doctor ordered.  And Resurgence is plant-based, containing ingredients like soy, wild yam and clover flower extracts.

Other kinds of aging include environmental aging (damage from the sun) and genetic aging, which is what we inherit from your parents.  It makes perfect sense to base your anti-aging regimen on the type of aging you are experiencing in order to get targeted results. That’s why Dr. Murad is the most sought-after dermatologist in LA, and the world, baby!

I watched the infomercial for Resurgence and Little Miss Joan Lunden is rockin’ it at 57. And of course, there’s Josie Bissett, now 40 but looking 28…like butta!

Another thing I love about Murad is that the company believes in “whole body” health. They have a great feature on their website where you can get a personalized skincare evaluation just by answering some basic q’s about your skin type, skin concerns and lifestyle  and THEN you get a list of the personal skincare, sunscreen AND VITAMIN products that will be best suited to your skin!

Here’s the link for Resurgence if you want to check it out – it runs $39.95 for a month’s supply.  If you are currently using this product, please feel free to comment or drop me a line about your results at!

Restore Hormonally Aging Skin

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