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Youth and vitality involve the big trifecta: mind, body and spirit.   And all of these play a part in a healthy immune system.

Our THOUGHTS (of the mind) are EXTREMELY important when it comes to our health, youth and overall wellness.  The physical body is an energetic system, and our thoughts are energy.  Everything is vibrating.  Everything has a frequency.

If you keep thinking, “I am old,” or “I’m so tired,” the last thing you are going to get is feeling young and energetic.  You are going to get MORE things in your life that validate being “old” and you will, well, still be tired.

I knew a lady who thought that once someone turns 55, they are “old” and things start to go downhill physically.  She believed it.  And lo and behold, when she turned 55, she started to manifest health issues.

Right now, it’s important to hold our FOCUS on health and wellness.  That is, THINK about health and wellness – focus and feeeeeeeeeeel excited about your health.  You may be watching the news and become fearful and think “I don’t want to get sick.”

Of course you don’t want to get sick.  But you can’t direct your energy with a statement like that.  You HAVE to keep your thoughts in a positive.  If you say you don’t want to get sick, brain science has proven that the last thing your brain hears is SICK and it will focus on that and deliver more of that to you.

So, remember to state your beliefs in the POSITIVE!  Here are some powerful health claims you can do while you are giving yourself the best nutrition and exercising.  It’s best to go into a state of love and gratitude before you do these.  You are actually DIRECTING your energy when you think or say these things:

I always create successfully with all other energy.

I choose health and wellness now and consistently.

I am directing ALL energy and claim I am joyfully healthy.

I am a person who is strong and healthy.

I am full of joyful energy with a healthy immune system.

My body is in total balance and harmony.

With an open heart, I direct health and wellness now and consistently.

I AM health and wellness.

I take excellent care of myself.

I am so grateful for my health and vitality.

I love my amazing, powerful immune system.

I always give my body the nutrients it craves.

I wake up in my joyful knowing that I am healthy and well.

I am soaring in the abundance of health and happiness.

I AM the frequency of a healthy immune system and I am happy.

Remember, the most powerful tool you have in your anti-aging and health and wellness arsenal is your mind!

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