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Spring is the season for rejuvenation.  Wouldn’t it be nice to give your skin a fresh start?  Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Ronald Moy would say so.  His motto is “repair the past and protect the future.”

And that’s a GREAT motto to have with summer just around the corner.  And with summer around the bend, you say you want to prevent skin cancer or pre-cancer?  Dr. Moy’s line called DNAEGF Renewal — a skincare line using Growth Factors and DNA technology — has research evidence that proves it can do just that.

Dr. Ronald Moy is a nationally renowned Cosmetic Surgeon, Dermatologist, professor at UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine, and the former president of the American Academy of Dermatology.  SHEEZH, can you say accomplished?

The name “DNAEGF” may sound like you are back in school learning your ABC’s, but it’s pretty futuristic stuff.  The DNA EGF Renewal skin care line was created by leading researchers in molecular and biotechnology. The DNA part of the name is for the DNA repair enzymes and the EGF stands for Epidermal Growth Factors.

What is a growth factor?

Wikipedia tells us it’s a naturally occurring substance – usually a protein – capable of stimulating cellular growth and regulating a variety of cellular processes by typically acting as signaling molecules between cells.

The DNAEGF line uses plant based Barley Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF).  This active ingredient is a peptide bio-engineered from barley grown in natural pumice with pure waters for DNAEGF Renewal.

Plant-based EGF is more stable than other EGF forms, meaning it will not lose potency with exposure to UV light or normal room temperatures.  DNAEGF is the only skin care line using plant based EGF.  Clinically proven to stimulate the skin’s natural repair process, it works by accelerating the growth of healthy skin cells.

Other growth factors in other products are derived from E. coli bacteria and degrade over a period of weeks, thereby losing potency and efficacy.

This collection includes DNA Intensive Renewal ($128), DNA Eye Renewal ($75), DNA Night Renewal ($130), Growth Factor Serum ($145), and DNA Defense SPF ($45).  The entire line targets the sign of aging by diminishing wrinkles, brown spots and skin discoloration.

I received a full sized sample of The Growth Factor Serum.  This is the product that is key for thickening thin skin, which is a side effect of aging.  I used it aggressively — twice a day, and anytime I saw it laying on my bedside table.

It’s very lightweight and almost odorless.  I highly recommend if you are going to try this line, you go for the travel size, or you completely go full tilt and get the entire line.  The bottles are shaped like little test tubes, and the full line comes with the holder, which will save you some sanity when the bottle rolls off your bedside table a few times!

With as aggressively that I used this product  (I can do this since I know my face and it’s not sensitive at all), I thought I would experience more relief from brown discolorations but this didn’t happen.  I did see smaller pore size tho and it gave my skin a great glow.  I even saw improvement in the lines around my eyes.  It’s important to note tho, that I didn’t use the entire line, and lots of times lines are designed to work together, so even tho my brown spots still were there after a month, I still am giving this product a positive review,  cuz who knows how many brown spots it PREVENTED me from gathering?

Here’s what the website says about this product and the line:

* Dramatic & rapid improvement of skin exhibiting advanced signs of photodamage to help diminish the appearance of age spots, pronounced wrinkling, and uneven coloration.

* Skin glows, texture is refined, pores look visibly smaller, and younger, fresher skin emerges.

* More even skin tone

* Resilient & refined skin texture

* Reduction in pore visibility, fine lines & wrinkles

* Reduction in skin discoloration & age spots

* Younger, healthier-looking skin

I asked Dr. Moy’s office:

“Do the DNAEGF Renewal products have the same result as a Photo Facial laser treatment for sun damage?”

Here’s his answer:

“The DNAEGF Renewal products can have the same effect as a Photo Facial laser treatment in that brown spots and thin skin (causing blood vessels) are prevented and treated.  What the Photo Facial treats is sun damage, as does DNAEGF Renewal.  These products treat the DNA damage and thin skin caused by sun damage and aging.  The products treat sun damaged pre-cancerous lesions (actinic keratosis) better than a Photo Facial.” – Ron Moy, M.D.

I have to add that after using the Growth Factor Serum product for about a month, I went in and had my first photo facial treatment.  The two are apples and oranges, as the results from the photo facial laser treatment were MUCHO dramatic.  At least they are incomparable with one month of using the product.  With consistent use, spot fading will more than likely improve and I DID see a video of Dr. Moy online, where he even says the products take time to see results.

I wish I had known about this product a few years ago when I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous skin cells – especially since he says it’s more effective than a laser treatment.

The DNAEGF products are available at Dr. Moy’s Anti-Aging Clinic in Beverly Hills  and California Health and Longevity Institute at the Four Seasons in Westlake Village, where they even offer a facial using the line.

Right now, there’s a Buy One Get One Offer you can take advantage of on

Buy the full collection and save $38!  Plus, receive a Free Travel Kit!  I’m digging the silver case it comes in – very springy.

Dr. Ron Moy’s practice is located at 421 N. Rodeo Drive,  Beverly Hills, CA 90210 and can be reached at (310) 274-5372.

Factoring in the Growth of Healthy Cells & Preventing the Big C at the Same Time,

~The Anti-Aging Analyst

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