What’s the best way to tell if a new anti-aging cream, system or gadget is right for you?

I like to call this “The Anti-Aging Trifecta.”  When you have this, folks, you got near perfection:

1)  You see results.
2)  You get compliments (and preferably get carded).
3)  When you STOP using it, you notice your skin doesn’t look as good.

I experienced all these 3 things with the AMP Anti-Age system created by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields.  These derm doc gals also created Proactiv® Solution, so need I say more?  I used the Rodan & Fields ANTI-AGE AMP MD SYSTEM for about 45 days.  Here’s my official review (sorry it took so long!):

The AMP Anti-Age system is just that:  a SYSTEM that comes with a set of products designed to target the symptoms of aging.


Triple Defense Treatment SPF 30

I was very happy to see this set included a sunscreen to not only protect from environmental damage but also to reduce damage.  The cream was not runny like some facial sunscreens but also not too thick.  Got extra piece of mind knowing this was a 30 SPF and didn’t contain any harmful ingredients.  I just wished it came with a BIGGER jar of this stuff.  I slathered it on daily and loved it.  A crisp, fresh scent.  Ran out of it quickly.


It’s a cleanser, no it’s a mask, no, it’s an exfoliator!  How ’bout all THREE?  This unique cleanser feels great as it goes on.  Wet fingertips and massage it onto your face – as you do, it exfoliates.  It’s not scratchy like some exfoliators and doesn’t have any “bead buildup” like others.  After massaging it in, you keep it on your face for 2 minutes.  An ideal time saver to put this on, then jump into the shower for a quick removal.  Use AM and PM.  Have to say, a little harder for me to commit to the 2 minute mask at night, but a great feeling of clean overall and clever 3-in-one product.

Lovely, fresh toner designed to minimize pores and who doesn’t love that?


Now the STAR of the show:  the blue roller device – filled with little micro needles – is to be used at least 3 nights per week after anti-age cleansing mask and toner.  Yes, you are rolling needles over your face.  The idea here is that you slightly wound the skin, so it produces more collagen and also the skin creams can penetrate deeper into your skin.

Up/down…left/right…diagnol….the question on EVERYBODY’s mind is “DOES IT HURT?”  Well, during my first time, the needles did prick a little and it’s definitely not something you want to roll HARD over your neck or never on your eyes or lips!  But you do get used to it and are supposed to apply even, moderate pressure.  Super sensitive skin?  You’re outta here – don’t even try this.

Here’s what this at-home treatment is based on – a pro technique called medical needling.  Dr. Laura Reed at Artistic Cosmetic Solutions in Orange County performs what is called “dry medical needling.” These are the kind of amazing results you can get with just a few sessions of profesional medical needling:

Immediately After Needling Session
After 1 Needling Session (Healed)
After 2 Needling Sessions (Healed)

Of course, whenever you do a treatment in a pro office, the results are going to be faster…but on the same token, this at-home rolling technique is not going to cost you as much as several pro needling sessions with a doc, PLUS you don’t have any down-time or heeling that needs to take place – your wrinkles will NOT turn red as they are in the immediate after photo from the pro session.  This system does WORK!  Home results are not going to be as intense as what you see in the medical needling before and after, but you’re well on your way!  There’s no reason why you can’t acheive similar results in a longer period of time.

I found my sun spots faded (maybe due to one of the creams?) – and this always makes you look younger – and lines on my forehead were definitely softer.

The roller comes with purification tablets so you clean your roller thoroughly with these 2x week.  It’s a snap to fit the roller into the vial and nice that when the blue color fades, you know it’s clean.  Some pros caution that you absolutely MUST be regular about cleaning your vial so there’s no chance of bacteria.  With pro services, they take the sanitation process muy seriouso, so with this at-home device, it’s up to you to give this roller regular cleaning.

Dermatologist Developed Overnight Restorative Cream and Serum

Can’t say enough about these two night partners – the cream and serum work together synergistically after the roller.  Ultra-hydrating, the cream helps stimulate collagen production while you sleep for firmer, less-lined skin when you wake-up.  Also has timed released anti-oxidants.

The light serum comes in little blue capsules you break open to find a silky formula full of peptides, giving you a sustained release of retinol throughout the night.  Nice!  Also designed to increase elasticity and enhance firmness.

All in all, this Anti-Age system by Rodan & Fields is a YES, YES, YES !  Don’t be afraid of the needles part – they are TINY – it doesn’t hurt and you will definitely see an improvement in your skin.
I used up ALL of the sunscreen and the overnight cream in this 45 day trial and still have some of the cleansing mask, toner and capsules left.  When you get yours, you’ll definiately want to replenish.  WHEN is the last time you USED UP all of your creams?  Usually, we get frustrated and move on to the next, so it really says something that I finished these jars….I was digging the results.

The whole thing about systems like this is commitment, commitment, commitment!  You gotta make the sunscreen, cleansing mask, toner, roller, nightcream and serum a habit to make sure you keep acheiving results.  Long-term dedicated users will secretly LAUGH at anybody running to the doc for Botox.

Alas, the jars were emptied and I let out a big sigh.  Rodan & Fields know their stuff.  You won’t be disappointed.  You can buy the Rodan & Fields Anti-Age system from the Rodan and Fields main website.  Or you can purchase from your local Rodan & Fields indie rep.  Can’t wait to also try their line called REVERSE to reverse sun damage…and am definitely putting them on my watch list for any new ground-breaking products.

Roll with it!

~The Anti-Aging Analyst

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