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So American Spirit Ciggies likes to send me stuff.  (Uhhhh, don’t ask how I got on their mailing list.)

AMERICAN SPIRIT…you know, they are the cigarette that doesn’t have any of the additional bad stuff in their cigs like ammonia and formaldehyde.  You know the one that says just because it’s all tobacco, doesn’t mean it’s a safer cigarette.

Anyway, in honor of Earth Day, I gots me some goodies from A.S.:

What could POSSIBLY be in this box from a ciggie company in honor of Earth Day?

It’s a plastic pot for plants!  With a card that reads:

Here’a a beautiful alternative to littering featuring a pot made with repurposed cigarette butts and recycled paper filled with wildflower seeds.

To WHOMEVER has the job of collecting old cigarette butts so American Spirit can recycle them into pots….thank GOD I don’t have your job!

Great alternative to littering….but what if litter with the card that you just printed and mailed to me promoting your alternative to littering?  Hmmm…puzzling…

This SUPER easy type of gardening is kind of fun and great for lazy people.  All you do is throw the soil disc (RIGHT) into the pot and add water and then plant the seed paper, which is already laced with wildflower seeds.

The soil disc is trippy, as it explodes pretty fast and fills up your little recycled pot (MADE FROM RECYCLED CIGARETTE BUTTS – has it hit you yet?) with dirt.

I think it’s pretty cool that you can turn LITTER into LOVELY.  Here’s where I would insert a pic of the pot filled with wildflower plants, but we can’t time travel, people.

But, yet, we kinda can:

A retro Winston ad – yes, American Spirit was NOT the first…better marketing campaign though.

Yeah, no additives in cigarettes is pretty bad ass.  So is getting rid of all the butts and making things to make our environment pretty.  Know what’s even more bad ass?  Not smoking.  

THAT’s the Spirit,

~ The Anti-Aging Analyst

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