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Natto is a traditional Japanese breakfast food that’s basically a fermented soybean with Bacillus subtilis bacteria and the health benefits are crazy.  It is often part of a Japanese Style Breakfast, which may include fish, miso soup, rice, and tofu.

It’s high in both Vitamins K1 and K2 (about 15x more than cheese) and helps to de-calcify veins and arteries and prevent and dissolve blood clots (!)

AND it’s said to build your bones better than calcium – that’s cuz the Vitamin K2 has osteocalcin, a protein needed to bind calcium to the bone matrix. In fact, there’s been a study in Japan that reported that post-menopausal women that consumed more than four 40 gram servings per week, reduced their bone loss by as much as 80%!  

On top of that, natto is a live fermented food so it has the gut-friendly benefits of probiotics, and is an excellent source of protein (a whopping 31grams per cup), fiber, and vitamins essential for aging bodies.

Natto Nutritional Content

Protein: 62% (31.0 g)

Fiber 38% (9.4 g)

Manganese: 134%

Iron: 84% (15.1 mg)

Copper: 58% (1.2 mg)

Magnesium: 50% (201 mg)

Calcium: 38% (380 mg)

Potassium: 36% (1276 mg)

Zinc: 35% (5.3 mg)

Phosphorus: 30% (305 mg)

Selenium 22% (15.4 mcg)

It even has Omega 3’s and 6’s!  Take a look at the full nutritional content of natto here:

Now, it can’t be all sunshine, puppies and rainbows…many either love natto or hate it.  One Yahoo food editor said the SMELL of natto is like “sweaty socks left on the bathroom floor after kickboxing.”

And it’s on the sticky side consistency wise, but you can add some water and whip it into a creamy consistency.  Mix in a little soy sauce.  Try it over warm, organic (non-plastic) rice.  

If you’re adventurous and don’t mind a little stinky with your healthy, natto sounds like a great challenge for you to sink your chopsticks into!   ESPECIALLY if you are struggling with aging related challenges and/or bone loss.  It might just grow on you – and you’ll get a stringy HEAP of stinky nutritional benefits.

Healthy But Stinky,

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