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I’m in love with ceramides as a skincare ingredient, so when I heard about NEOCELL’s GLOW MATRIX Advanced Skin Hydrator with ceramides that you take internally, I was intrigued.  I already tried their Beauty Infusion Collagen drink mix (an excellent and tasty product), so the Glow Matrix supplements were next on my list.

This is a supplement designed to internally hydrate the skin.  The company also says the product evens complexion, reduces wrinkles and increases elasticity.  A pill to do all that?  Well, just look at the fab ingredients.

The main ingredient in this product is their patented ceramide formula called Ceramosides™. Ceramides form the very outer layer of skin on top of the epidermis.  Ceramosides actually rebuilds the barrier in the outer layer of your skin and stops water loss, therefore increasing skin hydration.

Neocell’s Glow Matrix also has hyaluronic acid in it which draws deep moisture into the skin and the ceramides stop the moisture from getting out.  It also contains 100 mgs of coconut water powder for its hydrating minerals.

The Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) in Glow Matrix helps increase healthy fatty acids and reduce skin inflammation, and skin-specific antioxidants help to minimize damage of free radicals. Those are pure bark extract, astaxanthin, and lutein.  On top of all of that, you’ve also got vitamins A, C, E, K and B2 & 6.  Pretty comprehensive!

If you spent years in the sun or live in a climate without a lot of moisture, if you wasted a lot of years eating a poor diet or “wasted away in margaritaville,” a supplement like this can help spring your skin back to life in as little as 15 days.  This is hard core!

The capsules are smaller than average size and were easy to swallow. 90 capsules come in a bottle.

NeoCell's Glow Matrix Review

Here’s where everyone is going to learn a fantastic lesson from me — ALWAYS read your labels.  Here I was diligently taking 1 capsule a day and not noticing any major difference in my skin.  That is because (drumroll please)…the directions say to take 3 capsules daily!  Doh!  (The bottle with 90 capsules inside is a 1 month’s supply.)  I DID search for other reviews and those that can follow directions, had excellent results and more hydrated skin with Glow Matrix.

Know how sometimes after you STOP using a product, you can tell there’s a DECREASE in your skin looking as good as it did?  Yep, I’m sad to see these are gone, but seeing they are promising more hydrated skin in as little as 15 days, I owe it to myself to start anew — this time taking 3 at a time.

Neocell’s Glow Matrix is non GMO and Gluten free and is around $24.99.  Look for coupons in the flyers at Sprouts and Whole Foods.  If you have dry skin or aging skin, I’d totally pick this up.  Please comment how it worked for you – and DO take 3 daily!

~The Matrix is Real – Free Your Mind,

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