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Pure Plant Spa Review – I love love love this line!

When you discover a truly “authentic” product – you want to shout about from the rooftops!  Well, today I’m SHOUTING about Pure Plant Spa!!  Read my raving review below.

Pure Plant Spa

PURE PLANT SPA® is a collection of organic, vegan, plant-derived bath and body care products that actually FEED your skin with nourishment.  Products are made from all natural and organic plants and essential oils, carefully hand-selected and held to high European and Whole Foods standards.  NOT ONLY THAT, but they are also made with a dedication of promoting a heightened level of health and well-being and to enhance the mind, body and spirit.  And who doesn’t want THAT?

These are not your “cookie cutter,” “mall type” Bath and Body Works type products, or Victoria’s Secret lotions and potions with artificial fragrances, parabens and preservatives that can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions — these body lotions and moisture creams and body washes are made from the purest, natural ingredients, and just like in the best wines, the plant derived aromas from essential oils reflect the current season’s crops and harvests, so there may be subtle shifts in aroma, color and texture from season to season.

THIS tells me is that they are not churning out these products and letting them sit on the shelves for 2 years in advance until they get to you!  They are handmade in small batches…with LOVE!

PURE PLANT SPA products are made without parabens, preservatives, sulfate detergents, synthetic colors, animal ingredients, PEG, DEA, PPG,TEA, Propylene Glycol, petrochemicals and artificial fragrance. Products are scented with only highly aromatic and alluring custom-blended pure essential oils.  And each plant based formula uses immune supporting certified organic extracts and antioxidants.

These essential oils contain antiseptic and healing qualities that help keep the body and environment pure and can benefit the nerve and lymphatic system. After all, what you use on your skin is absorbed and everyday your well-being is affected by the personal care products you choose to use.  And you DO NOT want sulfates and chemicals absorbed into your skin daily.

There are several yummy smelly plant aroma formulas to choose from like LAVENDER + TANGERINE, GINGER + VANILLA, MANDARIN ORANGE + GRAPEFRUIT and YLANG YLANG + VANILLA PLANIFOLIA.

Pure Plant Spa Review:

I’ve personally tried:




Spicy Ginger is warm yet cooling. When blended with uplifting vanilla, it creates heightened sensations to lift your spirits.

7 oz $30.00

This really is a luxuriously rich moisture cream that still manages to be light.  The fragrance has an uplifting, “holiday” vibe.  If you have a dry patch or problem with dry skin, the shea butter absorbs immediately and hydrate — shea butter is also excellent for removing stretch marks.



Lavender essential oil is known to be relaxing. With soothing Tangerine, it creates a peaceful aroma that helps to reduce stress and restore calm.

8.5 fl oz $24.00

A little lighter feeling than the butter, this lotion feels like the perfect indulgence before bed time, or for that “time-out” time when you just want to take a breather and refocus.  You can smell the fresh lavender, but it’s richly subtle, without being overpowering.  Paraben and preservative-free. Ingredients feature aloe vera leaf juice and rose hip oil.


CROPPED pps_ss_ylangvanilla


Euphoric Ylang Ylang with comforting Vanilla enhances inner peace and contributes to overall well-being.  

14 oz $36.00

MMMmmm, the delicate floral and vanilla scent in a super creamy scrub.  The scrub part isn’t harsh because the ingredients are melting into your body at the same time, leaving fresh glowing skin behind.  You can even scoop this fragrant concoction into your bath for a mineral, salt soaking treatment.  Vanilla Planifolia is a type of vanilla ORCHID!

Tina Rocca, founder of PURE PLANT SPA has a “receive what you give” conscious living philosophy and a heart centered, true passion for promoting wellness.

“I have always advocated a mind, body, spirit approach to life that includes intuitive guidance for conscious and healthy living. I believe the greatest potential for overall health can be achieved by making small, yet focused changes in foods we eat, in products we use and the surroundings we choose,” says Tina.

This line also includes aromatic sulfate free body washes featuring coconut cleansers and antioxidants, and their sister company PURE PLANT HOME carries amazing vegan candles that are hand poured using an exclusive blend of coconut wax, coconut oil and real essential oils.  Vegan, non-toxic, no petrochemical and no artificial fragrances.

Warning:  these products will enhance and elevate your mood and definitely upgrade your shower or bath. The update (as of August, 2016) is that they are SOLD OUT and are working on new packaging. I will keep you posted on where to buy them.

~ Ingredients Matter- Go Pure!

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Pure Plant Spa supplied products for the purpose of writing this review.  All opinions included in this Pure Plant Spa review are my own.






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