Rob Lowe “Gives Good Face” To Men With New, Toxic-Free Skincare Line For Men

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Remember the dude from St. Elmo’s Fire?  About Last Night?  And who can forget Sex Tape?  Er, I mean that sex tape? That dude is now 51 and wants men to put their best face forward with a new toxic-free skincare line for men.

Actor and all around handsome guy Rob Lowe enters into the 300 billion dollar skincare industry with a line he spent the last 6 years developing.



It’s called PROFILE.


Why do men need a skincare line for just men?

Profile’s website explains that male skin is up to 30% thicker than women’s skin. Male skin also contains testosterone which makes it 20% oilier. Men’s pores are bigger, their oil glands are smaller and they perspire more.  So Lowe formulated this line with these things in mind.

What’s different about this line?  High quality ingredients, no added H20 and certified non-toxic.   I GUESS men deserve a little non-toxic skincare, although certain men I used to know can put toxins on their face and other body parts all day long and I would simply not care.

The packaging reminds me a little of Roc skincare, but I digress.   There are five products: a cleanser, shave gel, aftershave serum, moisturizer and eye serum.  There’s a ROAD RESCUE KIT that contains smaller portions of all of these products except the LIFT moisturizing product in TSA-friendly sizes.  But as points out, there’s no sunscreen in any of the products, yet Lowe is advertising them driving in a topless Jeep, an absolute sunscreen-necessary scenario.

Reviews are mixed on this line, saying that the serum was effective (others said it made them break out), but the moisturizer was a thick, almost chalky texture that didn’t absorb.

Not sure why The Cut called this line “a miraculous thing,” but here are highlights of quotes from men about Profile in this The Cut article by Kathleen Hou, senior beauty editor.

Alex Jung, associate editor, Vulture: The moisturizer smelled like wet Play-Doh.

Nate: But the serum smelled like carrot cake! I loved it.

Jesse David Fox, senior editor, Vulture: I liked the eyelid one.

Alex: Wasn’t it under-eye?

Jesse: Sorry, under-eye. Yes. I have the under-eyes of a teen.

Jesse: Wait. I want to ask a question. Have you guys done this before? Alex, you seem to know a lot.

Nate: Done what before?

Jesse: Put things on your face.

Alex: I was using my street smarts, Jesse. I’ve actually never used face products. I just use hot water.

Jesse: I literally made my girlfriend do it for me the first time.

Nate: I’ve used face products before, but never this many at once.

Kathleen: Did you find using that many products to be stressful?

Nate: I did! If you can’t tell!

Jesse: I don’t think my poor pores could handle the moisture of the moisturizer. My face was TOO moist. All day. MOIST.

Kathleen: What do you think the purpose of the serum was? Other than to smell like carrot cake?

Nate: I don’t know!

Jesse: Also, maybe I am crazy, but I think it made me break out.


Nate: Like, I get one cream to put on and wash off, and another to rub in slightly wet skin — but TWO creams to rub in? It’s like, why not make one cream that is a mix of both of them?

Jesse: Literally what I was thinking. Why not dump them into a bowl?

Alex: Like the serum + moisturizer?

Jesse:Moistrum. We invented a thing, guys! I will say this, though. I think it worked.

Kathleen: Worked how?

Jesse: A friend asked me if I lost weight because my face looked different. BUT I DIDN’T LOSE WEIGHT.

Nate: Oh yeah, it definitely worked. My skin looked like it was glowing.

Jesse: Thanks, Rob Lowe!

Pretty hilarious – stress and confusion, but a great glow.  You would think in this day and age men wouldn’t be that averse to putting stuff on their face.  But yeah, come to think of it, what order DO you put these products on?

But I can see being confused – I myself was confused when going to the website.  It took me a minute to figure out that RESCUE, RESTORE and RENEW are not products, but the product RECHARGE rescues, restores and renews.  So does the product REVIVE as well as the ROAD RESCUE KIT, which is not just RESCUE the product.

I never knew the letter “R” could be so overwhelming, Rob.

It might be good to throw ALL the ingredients together in ONE product, add some sunscreen and bacon flavor and sell it with a six pack on the side.   BLAMO you’re done.

Buy this line direct from the website, or wait until Fall, where you’ll be able to buy it at Nordstrom’s.

I’m all for a toxin-free skincare line for men — let’s say as long as men don’t begin to look like Rob Lowe’s plastic surgeon character in Behind the Candelabra, we’re all good.

The Anti-Aging Analyst_Rob Lowe Toxic-Free Skincare Line For Men

Toxic-Free Skincare Line For Men

To balance that shot out with a good one,  here’s the hottest pic I’ve seen of Rob Lowe to date:

Toxic-free skincare line for men

Rob Lowe’s toxi-free skincare line for men


One thing is for sure:  Rob Lowe gives good face. Thanks, Rob Lowe!


~The Anti-Aging Analyst

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