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If there is one word (other than “yum”) to describe the products from Skin Actives Scientific, that word would be:


STOP right there, Miss “Department Store Diva”!   I know what you are thinking:

a)  MY moisturizer (yours) is the cream of the crop because it costs over $100 an ounce.

b) MY moisturizer is better because it comes in a pretty blue jar and a box.

c)  MY moisturizer is customized  because I can choose from daytime or nighttime formulas.

P O P!

What was that noise?  Oh, that was me bursting your bubble.

Tons of coin spent on marketing and packaging does NOT mean you are getting a primo product.

It takes guts to say no to bling.  But Skin Actives Scientific chooses substance over style.  No fancy bottles or labels – they put top dollar into research and top-of-the-line ingredients, not packaging.  Zero fancy schmancies means lower cost.  And shoot – these scientists have concocted formulas in their lab to put most – if not all – department store skin creams to shame!

Do you know of any other company out there that has a team of “protein engineers?”


Skin Actives Review_The Anti-Aging Analyst

Skin Active Scientific, SELLS the actual active ingredients – or “actives” – which you can add to a base cream, or your fave lotion, thereby MAKING YOUR OWN “ACTIVE” SKINCARE PRODUCTS!

Girl, this means you can save HUNDREDS !!!!

Spending your pennies on the hefty-priced Prevage MD?  SAS sells idebenone, the active ingredient in Prevage.  1.5 gm =  $7.50

Four ounces of the base cream – to add the actives to – costs only $6.50 !!

Hello?  You just pulled a D.I.Y. (do it yourself) version of Prevage, with the same active ingredients for the cost of lunch.   Savings = WHOPPING! At that cost, you can make some gifties for your friends.

Major brand name companies often add color additives and other nasties.  You won’t get that when you cook up your own!

Not up to speed on your ingredients?  Their website tells you what actives are best for the problem you have!

Acne?   Try the actives Green Tea EGCG and Liquorice Extract for oil control (also great for skin lightening).

Got Puffy Eyes?  They have a “dePuff for Eyes Concentrate”

Icky scar from that nasty rollerblading fall?  Try rosehip oil.

Easy Peezy.  If you can whip up a cake, you can whip up your own moisturizer with the help of the Skin Actives website.

They even have a FORUM, where you can share, get tips and GET ACTIVE on your actives!

Not into following recipes?

No prob. That’s where the Skin Actives “Ready to Use” Products come in.  And these are the crème de la crème formulas straight from the biochemists’ laboratory.


The smarties at Skin Actives Scientific sent me some samples of their “Ready To Use” products to review (lucky duck!).  Here’s what I was able to try so far:

Dream Cream

Skin Actives Review Dream Cream_Eliza The Antiaging Analyst

Skin Actives Review Dream Cream

Key ingredients: sea kelp bioferment, shea butter, SAS antiOx booster

View Dream Cream’s full ingredient list here.

Fluffy and delicate.  Creamy when you put it on, and skin soaks it up in a snap!  Imagine a whipped airy souflee DE-light that’s super-duper soothing and nourishing.  A match made in heaven for dry skin and eczema.

Made for face, body and hands – altho, no jumping right onto the keyboard and mouse right after applying since it left my fingertips a little slippery for a bit.

Fragrance is light and pleasant – is it the rosehip oil?  SNIFF…..Ahhhhh.  This dream of a cream was formulated by Hannah Sivak, Ph.D., former Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Michigan State University and founder of Skin Actives Scientific.

Dream Cream goes for a very reasonable  $30.00 for FOUR ounces.  Apply to clean, dry skin.


Anti-Aging Cream with Resveratrol





View Anti-Aging Cream with Resveratrol full ingredient list here.
Announcing The New HeavyWeight Champion of Moisturers!

This ingredient list is a veritable “who’s who” of the biggest and best age-fighters guaranteed to pack a Power Punch to knock out wrinkles !  Get this:

Coenzyme Q10
Hyaluronic Acid
Sea Kelp Bioferment
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Epidermal Growth Factor – elsewhere, this active is in products priced at $200-600 per ounce ! 

This heavy-hitter anti-aging cream is chock -full of antioxidants.  It glides on.  Throw in the towel,  wrinkles, you’re down for the count.

This cream left my skin “silky-velvet” to the touch.  And it seems to have a nice tightening effect. Heard of crepey neck?  It started to creep up on me…and this cream is the only product I’ve tried that helped to iron out the crepe!  And that’s no rope a dope.

$32.00 for 1 fluid ounce.


Lip Trio

A trifecta set for dry, chapped lips.  The smarties at Skin Actives designed this trio for maximum lip nourishment and health, so use it even if you don’t have a case of the chappies.

Lip Collagen Serum (10 ml)Wow, a serum that builds and maintains collagen for lips! 
Lightly shake, then brush on this light, brown serum and feel it’s nourishment soak right into lips.  Made to be topped off with Liquid Rainbow or Lip Balm.

Contains goodies like cherry juice, sea kelp  bioferment, hyaluronic acid, liquorice, resveratrol, lycopene, and epidermal growth factor.

Liquid Rainbow (10 ml)
This is some serious lip lube!  Minty moisture-to-the-max courtesy of the Liquid Crystal Base.   Contains Skin Actives’ Anti-Oxidant Booster with natural vitamin E and Alpha Lipoic Acid,  and Peppermint Essential Oil.  Lips feels uuuuultra soft with this long-lasting, light-reflecting, shiny gloss.  And stickies?  Forgetta bout it!  Oh, and you can add a touch of color with your fave lipliner – blends right in.

Lip Balm (1 unit)
Great alone or over the Lip Collagen Serum.   A soft, minty balm that’s glidy, not waxy.   Sooth up those gossip gabbers with anti-oxidants, petrolatum, safflower seed oil, honey, pemogranate seed oil and peppermint essential oil.  Way to go that is also has an anti-viral component….you never know when you might accidentally kiss a frog!

Lot’s more ready-to-use products from Skin Actives.
… so check ’em out!  And if you make your own product or try one of their many ready-mades, let me know!

Skin Actives is like having a friendly anti-aging scientist in your pocket.


Good heavens Miss Sakamoto, you’re bee-YOU-tee ful!

She Blinded Me With Science,

The Anti-Aging Analyst signature

Eliza The Anti-Aging Analyst

Have a Fave Skin Actives product or like to submit your own Skin Active Review?  Please comment! And join my mailing list for my monthly newsletter with antiaging vents and coupons. (I was sent products to review and these opinions are my own.)

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