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Slim Sonic Review…

Often teenagers see people over 40 obsessing about brushing and flossing and think they are coo-coo.  We are not!  Once you are unfortunate to have trouble with your teeth and gums – such as bleeding gums – you’ll want to reach for your brush and floss daily no matter where you are.  (The KEY is to start obsessing BEFORE you have any issues.)

Carrying around  your toothbrush in your purse usually seems like a drag.  You’ve got to grab one of the plastic tubes from the drug store…well, sure, if you live in 2010.

Cuz NOWADAYS you can look stylish while carrying your brush thanks to Violife’s Slim Sonic Toothbrush.  I was pretty happy to see this product — a travel toothbrush that doesn’t yell, “Hi, I’m a travel toothbrush!.”  Check out how cute!

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And this is not a manual brush — it’s sonic, hence the name Slim Sonic. Now you can keep gums healthy, teeth pearly and fight stale breath by carrying a small, portable stylish toothbrush to work, lunch meetings and vacations.

Slim Sonic Review

Don’t let the size of this toothbrush fool you.  It disperse 22,000 brush strokes per minute.  The bristles do not spin – they are not supposed to – they vibrate for a sonic cleaning. By far, the Slim Sonic is WAY better than the old school way of lugging around your toothbrush.  Best features include holes in the cap, in other words, the cap is vented so your brush can air dry, and that it comes with a AAA battery AND an extra brush head. For those reviews out there that the battery doesn’t last long, you can take the battery out when you are not traveling.  Make sure you give it a good rinse before first use and sorry, this is not waterproof.  The one con I found is that is you don’t grip it properly, you’ll uncover the end with the battery and not the brush head, but this was happening right after I open the battery compartment and not every time.

Comes with a little plastic stand so you can air it out before putting it back in yourLouisVuitton

This Slim Sonic review is a little late – the UPDATE is that they’ve got NEW versions — an Ultra Sonic with a dual speed and a Reflections Sonic, which comes with a built in mirror.  (Check here for all versions.) That’s what happens when you wait, folks.  Time marches on and things get bigger and better.

This Slim Sonic toothbrush retails for $15.95.  They come in all sorts of fun prints!

Save by picking up a family pack on Amazon- these make great gifts.

For toothpaste, I recommend staying away from the mainstream brands with abrasive foaming agents and fluoride.  Check out my favorite brand of propolis toothpaste, or use coconut oil and essential oils to make your own.  (To travel, squeeze a bit out in a small jar.)

~ Here’s to Brushing In Style,

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