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Stem Cell Pioneer Dr. Nathan Newman of Beverly Hills has been called a LIFE CHANGER.  And for good reason, one of which is his stem cell lift.  Another is his skincare line.

After undergoing surgery for cancer, this patient featured in this video below, was left with a gaping hole on the side of his face, plus major pain.  Watch how Dr. Nathan was able to take stem cells from this patient and reconstruct tissue, nerve and bones destroyed by cancer with the Stem Cell Lift.


I recently reported on Beverly Hills rejuvenation medical pioneer Dr. Nathan Newman and how he is helping not only cancer patients and people with serious joint pain and other issues, but he’s fixing botched plastic surgery procedures and helping people who are concerned about not aging as “youthfully” as they would like — all with a revolutionary procedure he innovated called The Stem Cell Lift. 

In a nutshell, during the Stem Cell Lift procedure, Dr. Newman takes the fat FROM YOUR OWN BODY (and not from anything else) and the stem cells found in that fat, concentrates the stem cells, and with a careful and strategic eye, injects them into the face, to rejuvenate and create volume.  The results are looking “young and not done.”  Oh, and did I mention this procedure is done in less than four hours?

From a 2013 article in the NY Times: Dr. Newman, who has been working on his stem-cell procedure for more than a decade, says “The youthful glow comes back to skin because of growth factors that are produced from the stem cells, and this is something that doesn’t happen by injecting fat alone.”

Here are a few before and after pictures from The Stem Cell Lift, some of which may blow your mind a little:


The picture on the above RIGHT is TWO DAYS after the Stem Cell Lift by Dr. Nathan Newman.  HELLO?  TWO DAYS?  I don’t see any swelling or bruising!  Remarkable!  What I DO see is no more bags…and more volume.


I think SOMEONE can say they got their CHEEKBONES back.


Again, here we see in the after photo on the right, increased volume in the face…and I’m told this procedure does NOT leave scars.

The Stem Cell Lift can ALSO be used if you would like to DEVELOP your DERRIERE  or MAXIMIZE  your  GLUTEUS MAXIMUS,  rejuvenate your hands, help with scars, sculpt your calfs and of course, give you the ubiquitous Beverly Hills breast augmentation.


For more information on Dr. Nathan’s skincare line, please use the contact form to get in touch and I can send you info and a link to purchase.

CELL-a-brating The Smartness of The Stem Cell and The Smartness of Docs Like Dr. Newman, MD.,

~ The Anti-Aging Analyst


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