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The Raw Food World Store has some MAJOR monthly deals on all things natural and health-related.

Sacha Inchi Seeds, 5.3oz – Organic Traditions *special* for $8.39

Right now, there is now only 36 hours left to where you can enjoy both July’s and August’s At-Cost’ specials at the same time…

Here’s a preview:

August “At Cost” Specials – Sacha Inchi Seeds, Jing Herbs Astragalus, Chaga, He Sho Wu, and Reishi, Bariani Olive Oil, Ceylon Cinnamon, Indonesian Cashews, Incan Berries, Stone Ground Coconut Butter, Wilderness Poets Pecan Butter, Red Quinoa, Red Maca, Nori Sheets, Spirulina Tablets, MSM Caps, Kale Powder, Broccoli Sprout Powder, Oreganol P73, Shaman Shack’s Tribulus, and Rhodiola, Gokshura, Just Pure Foods Onion Rings, and Pesto Tomato Chips, Rawmio Raw Chocolate Bark, Living Intentions Flavored Nuts, Lydias Crackers, Rawkin Raw Cookies, MSM Lotions, Magnesium Bath Flakes, Orange TKO, Dr. Tung’s Tongue Scraper, and much more!

[Variety 3-pack] [SMALL] MSM Lotions, 8oz for $24.48

July “At Cost” Specials – New Large Pine Pollen Powder (Best Value Ever Seen!), Truly Raw Cengrefuge Coconut Oil, Large Kelp Noodles, Unpasteurized Almonds, SunBiotic Almonds, Pili Nut Butter, Dastony’s Large Hazlenut Butter, Mesquite Powder, Thai Coconut Sugar (Crystallized Sap), Organic Mountain Apricots, Superfood Cereals (New Flavors), Mauk Family Farms Flax Crusts, Colosan, Megafood’s Blo0d Builder, Crystal Nergy, Sweet Wheat (Wheatgrass Powder), Mucuna, 4 Eternals, Kale Chips, Lulu’s Raw Chocolate Bars, Just Pure Foods Zucchini Chips (Pesto & Sour Cream and Onion), Power Wraps, Laughing Giraffe Snakaroons, Pinhole Glasses, Natural Sunscreen, Natural Deodorant, Glass Straws, qbc emf Computer Balancer and much more!

Coconut BUTTER, 16oz – DASTONY *special* $12.57

Orange TKO Organic Cleaner, 16oz – Organic *special* $17.47

[3-pack] Spirulina Tablets, 250 Grams $66.15

Type in the word HONEYMOON in the coupon number section to get an additional 7% off your order!!

Here’s to COOL Summer Savings,

~The Anti-Aging Analyst

Submitted by The Anti-Aging Analyst

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