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What is UP with this The Kylie Jenner Challenge?

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I want to know WHO started it.  It certainly wasn’t Kylie Jenner appealing to the masses to “PLEASE suck on a shot glass or bottle to make a vacuum to plump up your lips to look like mine” kind of thing.  But surely Ms. Jenner had SOME indication about what is going on in the Twitterverse and I’m even thinking she might be the type to be interested to look up a hash tag of her own name once in a while, to see that teens were posted disfigured lips on social media as a result of this challenge, and some getting some SERIOUS bruising and even LIP CUTS.  Seriously, so how was it that the #KyleJennerChallenge got so wildly popular on Twitter for so long without an official statement from Kyle to STOP?

I’m not a medical doctor, but the info is out there that you can break blood vessels, damage nerves and even get scar tissue from this “challenge” — not to mention SPLIT YOUR MOUTH OPEN when the glass breaks and hits your flesh!  The viral pics are disturbing, that teens would go to such lengths to look like someone else.

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When you watch the videos of the young people doing The Kylie Challenge, most of them pop the bottle or glass off their lips and just it’s harmless fun.  The most common phrase after seeing their plumped up disfigured lips?  OH MY GOD!  A bit of shock and regret and uh, why the F did I think this was a good idea perhaps?

There IS end in sight for this craze, hopefully.  Some people have tried it and are warning others not to do it, and downright making fun of it – here’s some Twitter posts I’ve been involved in:

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I think this trend is indicative of an even more dangerous issue:  teens having the low self esteem that would trigger an attempt to emulate someone else’s facial looks versus embracing their own.  If somebody is different, great, acknowledge it and move on.  Don’t resort to doing something dangerous to be like someone you are not.  I can understand a fashion phase of thin eyebrows, but THICK LIPS?

The change in Kylie’s lips is too dramatic to think she accomplished it with just lip liner and lipstick alone – But I have to wonder:  would teens have started doing this if Kylie had just come out in the first place and said “yes, I got lip fillers” when she was asked?  (She JUST fessed up early May, 2015 saying, “I have temporary lip fillers, it’s an insecurity of mine and it’s something that I wanted to do.”)

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Gee, ya THINK?

Lip fillers at 17?  That’s a little young, but she IS a model, but why deny, deny, deny and give teens the “hope” that they actually “Do It Themselves.”  Thank God kept track of all of Kylie’s lip filler denials so I don’t have to waste my time:

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E reported: The 17-year-old addressed the unfortunate social media craze on Twitter Tuesday afternoon. “I’m not here to try & encourage people/young girls to look like me or to think this is the way they should look,” she wrote. “I want to  encourage people/young girls like me to be YOURSELF & not be afraid to experiment with your look.”

If you ask me, this statement should’ve came out once there was WIND of this crazy challenge, but she also should’ve addressed the challenge DIRECTLY.   Experimenting with your own look should NOT MEAN sucking on a bottle to get bigger lips and it’s time The Kylie Challenge is over and done with.

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Be kind to your lips!  And once you are older, if you want to look into lip injections, go for it.  I’ve personally had injections AROUND my lips for lines – they totally made the lines disappear and the injections hurt like HECK, so I can’t imagine getting them directly INTO the lips.

Lips require a little extra care, since there are way less dermal layers on lips than on the skin (3-5 dermal layers on lips as opposed to 16 on skin.)  There are no hair follicles, or sebaceous or sweat glands to keep the lips moisturized and protected.  Get a bigger lip look with lip liner and also choose a lip product that doesn’t contain wax.  Products with wax can actually cause problems for lips as wax  is a barrier that prevents ingredient penetration, as well as the natural lip exfoliation process, thereby sealing in bacteria that can cause infection and chapped lips.

I personally like and use Miracle Lips, a great alternative to wax products.  Even if you are NOT experiencing any lip issues like chapped lips or cold sores, Miracle Lips increases the cellular turnover of lips and gives them that nice pink glow, and although Miracle Lips is not a plumper per say, it can make your lips look fuller because of the natural and organic butters, enzymes, peptides and vitamins that moisturize the lip tissue, and even help with  lines around the mouth.  Read more about Miracle Lips corrective lip products here.



~The Anti-Aging Analyst



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