The Galvanic Home Spa Product Review

Women are boasting looking 8 years younger after just 2 months of using this skincare system for just five minutes, twice a week, so I JUMPED at the opportunity to see it first hand in a personal demo. I’ve heard it’s the skin care system Toni Braxton and Nicole Kidman uses, and it’s been popping up all over the news as the latest and greatest.

It’s the Galvanic Home Spa. Simply put, it’s a little gadget that uses negative and positive ions to increase circulation, remove impurities from your skin and deliver product into your skin. The device comes with four interchangeable conductors: the ageLOC facial conductor (to be used with ageLOC facial gels), a spot treatment conductor for targeting specific areas, a scalp conductor and a body conductor to be used with a body shaping gel.

First, let’s all transport back to 6th grade science class for a second. Eww….

“Galvanic” refers to electricity. Wait up! Electric current on MY FACE you ask? Yes, this gadget involves a low-level electric current and is SAFE. No, it doesn’t even prick. Back to school – The basic laws of electricity are:

1. like repels like
2. opposites attract

Good, now that that’s over… here’s the basics on how the gadget works and the process for a facial.

Step One is a negatively charged Pre-treat gel. You use this with a negative ion current. The two negative charges repel each other, so essentially, this “forces” the purifying ingredients into your pores, where they adhere to impurities like oil and pollutants.

Step Two is another gel that is positively charged. You use this with a positive ion current on the instrument. The positive charges attract the negatively charged impurities and pull them out, while delivering more good stuff in.

The online instructional video made it look a lot more complicated than it actually is. For Step 1, you just select the setting to “1” and step 2, set it to “2”, so it’s pretty simple…

For a “spot treatment” – say one of those nasty creases – just snap on a different attachment “head” and you are good to go on setting #3.  You can use the Galvanic’s recommended line corrector product – a product scientifically designed to increase collagen in your skin – or use one of your high-quality wrinkle products (just make it high-quality because you are getting the benefit of it permeating into your skin much faster along with the Galvanic Spa than applying a wrinkle product alone – and of note, you do NOT want to use a product with Retin-A here).

I did one side of my face with the two-step facial process with the gels described above. The technique takes a little practice, as you should not remove the metal head from your face (this is to keep the current going) and you should glide the instrument over your face in sweeping motions. I didn’t feel any electrical current going through my face but the device beeps to let you know current is going through. And, you must wet your hands for this facial – this is because the water helps conduct the current. But all in all the process is simple and just takes some getting used to.

Now…for the RESULTS – the right side of my face had a nice glow to it and amazingly, I could tell that the skin around my mouth area tightened up. Someone pointed out that my eyebrows looked more lifted…. But the big test was a wrinkle that had softened to nearly zero visibility! That’s pretty good from 2 steps that total up to five minutes!

The gels are very soothing and from what I’ve read, the science behind the AgeLOC gels and the whole AgeLOC product line is some of the most advanced out there. The system is also supposed to decrease pigmentation – heard lots of stories from users who say their brown patches and freckles are gone!

After one of these facials, I was told that you will absorb 80% more of whatever you put on your face afterwards. That’s insanely amazing…remember the days of getting a new wrinkle cream, using it religiously and then not seeing results until oh Week 5? Gone. If your skin is absorbing more of a product (and it’s high quality), then results from that product are going to show dramatically sooner.

With visible results after using the device and gels after only one time, I’m snagging up one of these babies and plan on turning back that age clock! Not to worry, I’ll be posting updates on my progress!

The link below features testimonials from people who methodically used the product on one side of their face only for weeks or months. You can see the dramatic difference and can tell which side they used the product on. These poor souls have to do some catching up on the other sides of their faces – but it shows the dramatic difference that can take place in a short period of time.  Soooo exciting !!!

Galvanic Home Spa Testimonials

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