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If you’ve ever wondered if thoughts, feelings and emotions affect anti-aging and overall health, the answer is YES.

Back in January,  I reported Dr. Henry Lodge’s theory of aging includes “emotion and attachment” as a major component – and he says that “emotion” is just as important as “motion,” or exercising, to stay young.  And in a recent interview with Suzanne Somers, she was asked how she keeps her skin looking so good. And one of her answers was: “I have love in my life.”

We are hearing alot about this Mind/Body Connection and it’s the topic of the two day anti-aging conference called Longevity Now. The conference runs Friday, May 18th- Sunday, May 20, 2012 in Costa Mesa at the The Orange County Hilton Hotel. They explore an approach that treats the whole person – not just the physical but also the mental, emotional, and even spiritual parts of ourselves.

This year host David “Avocado” Wolfe (yes that’s what he says his middle name is) welcomes local Michael Bernard Beckwith from the Agape Spiritual Center in Culver City as a keynote speaker. You might remember Mr. Beckwith (is he not a Reverend anymore?) from his appearance in the movie “The Secret.”

While I personally wouldn’t think of Michael Beckwith as a “health expert,” he too talks about this Mind/Body Connection and says that thoughts are units of mental energy which affect every cell in your body. This means whatever you are thinking and telling yourself is affecting all the body’s systems including your blood pressure and immune system. Beckwith recommends getting accountable for the thoughts you think and change them. Have a goal to move into the direction of more positive, grateful thoughts to raise your vibration, to match the vibrations of the Universe. It is then that you can receive opportunities to be healthier.

When I say the word “Longevity,” what comes to mind? Most people think it’s about staying alive, or in the body longer. David Wolfe has a different perspective. He talks about prayer, positivity, good feelings and high level emotions and when you add that up day after day after day, THAT equals longevity.

So, it’s not just the minute-to-minute quality of life, it’s that extended positivity and quality of love of life. THAT, my friends, is going to keep you youthful, healthy and you’ll look great and live longer along the way.

Check out the full audio interview here:

In addition to Michael Beckwith, there will be 5 New York Times best-selling authors and 8 anti-aging experts putting on information-packed seminars at the Longevity Now Conference about achieving peak mental and physical health, TOP supplements for optimal brain function and neuro-transmitter health, superfoods, and the mental attitudes that serve your body with healing energy to overcome ill health and low energy.

If you want to learn about these things, the Longevity Now Conference in Costa Mesa, CA is right up your alley. Perhaps you just need a kick in the keester to motivate you to eat healthier and take care of yourself better. David Wolfe has this motivating effect on people! The last time I heard David Wolfe speak, I went out and got some kale on the way home. I’ve never even eaten it before, either, but it was ONE step in the right direction to be healthier. Now I eat it all the time.

Buy tickets to this weekend’s Longevity Conference here:

Longevity Now Conference LIVE tickets May 2012

So, breathe in. Breathe out. Be grateful!  And keep the good vibrations going!

Connect That Body to That Beautiful Mind,

~The Anti-Aging Analyst

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