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Put DOWN that plate of brownies! Everyone knows that EATING anti-oxidant rich foods like salmon, blueberries and veggies are a smart diet choice for staying young-looking.  But, we’re in the kitchen today for the anti-aging smorgasbord – foods you can find in your fridge that you can slap or slather on and then feel and look yummy afterwards…
Choices are abundant, but here are my top natural foods for skincare.
Olive Oil – High in anti-oxidants, olive oil is a great soother for dry skin.  You can use it alone, in the bath and even on your hair.
Bananas – Bananas are full of vitamins and minerals and are a great natural moisturizer. You’ll want to use a very ripe banana so it’s easy to mash up into a paste.  Let it sit on your face for about 15 minutes, rinse and viola…your skin will be kissably soft.  Go, jungle girl!
Cucumber – Cucumber is known to reduce puffiness under the eyes.  After peeling a cuke for my salad, I always save the skins. You can lay down with a few skin slices under your eyes for an instant refresher.
Egg Whites – My absolute favorite is THE EGG.  My grandmother used to use egg whites on her face – it has amazing tightening properties.  You might want to let the egg get to room temperature first, separate it, then slather on the whites.  You absolutely want to lay down for this, because you want your face to tighten UP and not tighten DOWN.  Make sure your neck is even extended back a little.
Go ahead and mix and match with other great ingredients like oatmeal and honey to make your own facials.  You’re in the kitchen anyway — you’ll save money and your face will enjoy the natural goodness.
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